Unsecured Loans

Unsecured loans are available online and within your reach. Experience worry-free borrowing as it does not involve any collateral condition. Acceptance is possible even when you have other limitations, namely bad credit.

Shake off Financial Plight with Unsecured Personal Loans

You might often contemplate getting loans. But later, you drop the idea due to collateral factors. It will not happen anymore with unsecured loans available in the UK.

EasyLoansUK is happy to present you with this opportunity. We have made our support accessible to anyone in the form of unsecured personal loans. It lets you avail of timely financial assistance when other choices do not apply to you.

With these loans, your pricey assets, like a home or car, are not at stake. We operate as direct lenders to help you improve your financial condition. We want to release the extra baggage of pre-conditions from your shoulder. With us, you may rest assured of getting the following:

  • Aid based on necessity
  • Never before rate of interest
  • Complete clarity on requisites
  • 24X7 guidance support
  • 98.7% disbursal opportunity
  • Spontaneous decision

With us, you can ponder and fetch the required financial help without compromising the possession of your assets. We would highly prioritise your affordability while examining your application. So, relax! It does not matter if your credit scores are not close to perfect. We have ample scope for you as unsecured loans.

Unsecured loans

What are Unsecured Loans?

These loans are represented as a flexible choice. It has removed the compulsion to pledge collateral mandatory for loan approval. In short, you can secure personal unsecured loans in the UK without surrendering any costly assets.

It is highly advisable to measure your exact requirement before heading to finalise the loan amount. In this regard, you must note that the repayment term is fixed based on the amount settled by you. Don’t opt for an amount that would surpass your ability to repay! It would not be favourable for you.

You can get an idea here.

Vital figures Range
Loan amount £ 1000 to £ 25000
Repayment term 12 to 60 months

When you opt for unsecured loans, there is no need to be afraid of losing assets on account of non-payment of loans. While the importance of timely repayment is incontestable, these loans help you overcome the most common fear. To make sure these loans have the potential to become your financial partner, we have compared them with secured loans.

Unsecured loans Secured loans
Avail without collateral Avail with collateral
Non-payment will have no direct impact on your assets Non-payment will surely cause a loss of assets
Interest rates are competitive Interest rates might not be practical
Terms for repayment are flexible Terms for repayment are longer
Approval depends on affordability Approval depends on income, credit scores, security etc.

The comparison is now before your eyes and is enough to prove why personal loans offered in an unsecured way should be your ultimate choice at the house of crisis.

Why would I look for Personal Unsecured Loans in the UK?

You would search for different loan options in any financial emergency. But having the knowledge of which loan solution would be best for your situation is critical. Many borrowers fail to realise the reason behind borrowing loans.

With zero awareness, people end up making random choices. It creates further problems for them. Getting unsecured personal loans should be your ultimate goal if you are not comfortable keeping your assets at risk for loan help. You enjoy the liberty to apply for loans on a collateral freeway.

Besides understanding what would suit you the best, you must validate if it will fulfil your purpose. You can count on unsecured loans online to address diverse financial issues like:

  • To clear off stuck payment of dues
  • To pay off the school fees
  • To meet the rent for this month
  • To carry on treatment expenses
  • To fill up the funding gap in your wedding expenses etc

The utilisation is totally left to the borrower. You will decide the ways these loans can best match your requirements. You just need to be a little careful about not using these loans to cover a long-term need. It is because unsecured loans are not designed to be applied for such purposes.

How worthy are the features for Unsecured Loans for Bad Credit?

At Easyloansuk, we are well versed in the fact that you will not consider getting these loans until you are convinced of their attributes. The name unsecured personal bad credit loan reveals a lot about its features. No collateral necessity and allowance for bad creditor will easily make it to the top of the list.

If you are still not happy and want to know more about these loans, the list will continue with additional features that are as follows:

Unsecured business loans

No preference for good credit

Personal unsecured loans with bad credit are not tied to good credit requirements. Things have been made quite easy for someone struggling with bad credit tags. They can take pleasure in collateral-free borrowing, keeping aside credit worries.

No botheration for a guarantor

Unsecured no guarantor loans have created an opportunity for you to borrow money even if you fail to arrange a guarantor. If you are someone who feels it awkward to persuade your friend or family to support your loan repayment, you have a way out now.

A guarantor is a way for the lender to ascertain the successful repayment of loans. As direct lenders, we don’t need such assurance from your end. Thus, you can apply with us for unsecured loans with free mind.

No burden of extra fees

Unsecured loans for bad credit call for no fees besides no guarantor. We are direct lenders, but we follow fair lending practices. It is the strength of our character.

We charge no surplus fee. You can easily extract any information about our fee structure from the loan agreement. You may rest assured about one thing nothing will be hidden from you.

Are Personal Unsecured Loans with Bad Credit beneficial for me?

As a borrower, you will want to ensure that unsecured loans are the right options for you. Deciding it will not be a challenge for you. You just have to focus on the different advantages of these loans.

  • No credit check privilege

    Your credit history is not our vital concern. We are inclined toward validating your affordability. It defines if your current financial condition is stable to allow you to make timely payments of bills.

    A soft search on your credit profile is enough to help us fetch the required information. Thus, you can obtain unsecured loans with no hard credit check.

  • Cheapest loan offer

    We put forward custom-made offers. The best thing about it is that you can get the cheapest loans in an unsecured way without any hitches.

  • Feasible repayment criteria

    We are familiar with your struggle during repayment. We endeavour to make this process convenient for you with a flexible repayment term.

Can I get different alternatives for Unsecured Loans from Direct Lenders?

This type of financing option can be a blessing for bad credit borrowers. These loans are not intended to be available for a closed group of borrowers with a better stature in the credit history.

To make it easy for the borrower to filter the loan choices furthermore, we present different types of bad credit unsecured personal loan. These are:

  • Unsecured debt consolidation loans

    This financing alternative can be a great tool to settle racked-up debts. It lets you consolidate all the debts into one loan and repay easily. Since we demand no collateral, this would be an additional gain for you. Make the best use of debt consolidation loans for bad credit offered as unsecured money to eliminate debts from your life.

  • Short-term unsecured loans

    We have perceived how every borrower needs a loan for different needs. For this reason, we have come up with short-term unsecured loans. These loans will address all those trivial necessities you can neither avoid nor pay off. We make sure none can complain that there are no loan alternatives to meet petty cash demands.

  • Unsecured payday loans

    These payday loans target someone interested in paying back loans with the next paycheck. We have provided income flexibility wherein we accept different types of income. These loans are specially intended for salaried borrowers.

What is the likelihood of getting an instant decision for Unsecured Loans?

We have a procedure in line to ensure we can provide you with a decision as early as possible. We have arranged all the application steps so that you can complete them online. It will reduce the time gap. The steps for application are:

  • Obtain the online form
  • Put in details relevant to the application
  • Check if any field is left out
  • Review all your information after completing
  • Submit the form for further processing

Once we receive your request, the needful will be done so that you will not have to wait long for loan approval.

unsecured loans with a bad credit situation

Why should I prefer EasyLoansUK for Unsecured Loans?

these loans for bad credit people from direct lenders like us have made provision for loan borrowing for the deprived section. We aim at offering additional expedience to our borrowers as:

  • Reliable assistance
  • Round-the-clock support promise
  • Secure access to loans
  • Transparency
  • Easy conditions


What are the eligibility criteria for unsecured loans?

The standard rule of eligibility is also followed in the case of unsecured loans. You can apply for such loans if:

  • You are 18 years or above
  • You have a bank account
  • You have relevant residency proof
  • You have a stable job

We might approach you in case of additional requirements.

Is it going to be too long for me to obtain unsecured loans?
Will early payment of loans have side effects?
What will happen if loan repayment gets delayed by any chance?
How will I get access to the approved sum of unsecured loans?

Feel free to obtain loan benefits without collateral burden

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