Unsecured Loans

Borrow money for small purposes without any collateral on customised deals. Approval decision in a few minutes followed by the fund disbursement.

Unsecured loans – Your Online financial support

Small financial needs are easy to manage, but they appear frequently and usually may create a last-minute money crisis. As a solution, unsecured loans present their worth with lower rate of interest and affordable monthly instalments. EasyLoansUK offers timely support through funds disbursed at the required time. Irrespective of credit score and employment status, we approve loans on the latest repaying capacity. We have no location constraint because our focus is on the financial capacity of the people.

Are you also looking for financial respite for a short-term need? Then better not to wait more and apply now online, with no broker required.

Following features can convince you to find worth in unsecured personal loans –

  • No guarantor required – Borrow on your repaying capacity through the unsecured loans with no guarantor through a simple instant process.

  • Quick lending decision – When we say quick, it is quick. Within 8-10 minutes of your application submission, we give an approval decision.

  • YES to all credit scores – Until and unless you do not have the worst credit rating with unsettled debts, we never say NO on any credit score.

  • No upfront, no hidden fee – Fair lending practices and transparency are our two pillars, and we take no fee or charge, and nothing is hidden.

  • Customised loan offers – The cost of the deal is according to the individual financial circumstances of the applicant.

Unsecured loans

EasyLoansUK is available 24x7 to support you in any financial condition. Also, our services are available on all festive holidays and national holidays. Round-the-clock service is the prime feature of a direct lender, and we are here for you day, night, and midnight.

Unsecured business loans

Unsecured business loans - When your purpose is not personal

Yes, the loans are also available for business purpose. The short-term borrowing options usually have no specific reason. Unsecured business loans in the UK can be obtained for any cause, whether personal or commercial.

Borrow with the following conditions –

The business accounts for 6 months are mandatory. In the case of the maximum loan amount, one-year records are required.

The business should have future financial stability, which we check through its current net worth and a future project that it may be working on.

The applicant should have address proof, either personal or business, if he owns a commercial building. It is vital for us for verification.

TYPES OF UNSECURED BUSINESS LOANS WE OFFER – Invoice financing, cash advance loans, short-term business loans.

Can I get unsecured loans with a bad credit situation?

Direct lending is all about flexible yet rational lending practice. Unlike the traditional approach, today, loans are possible to obtain on current repaying capacity. Whether it is for a personal reason or business purpose. Your present-day financial conditions are most important. It is the reason that unsecured loans for bad credit can be obtained by direct lenders only.

Terms and conditions for unsecured loans with bad credit –

  • The recent bill and debt payment record should be on time. Then only it is possible to overlook past record.
  • The income proof of last month is necessary, and that income should be regular.
  • The applicant should not have multiple search footprints of other lenders.
unsecured loans with a bad credit situation

What if I face difficult in repayments for my unsecured personal loans?

Do not worry, and we have helped many of our borrowers in this situation as we understand that a money crisis happens. The first thing we want from the borrowers is timely information. You inform us about your problem, and we will figure out a new repayment plan. The multiple financial fronts create difficulty to keep coordination between other expenses and debt payments. The most important thing is you inform us timely. Otherwise, your missed payments can cause degrade in credit score performance.

Can I apply for unsecured loans if I am on redundancy?

You can apply for the loans despite being on redundancy if you have an alternative source of regular income. In direct lending, repaying capacity is most important, and if that is possible, you can apply for funds. We need to see some basic details of your other income source to check on the affordability parameter. Employment status and credit score status are not the final decision-makers. The earning and repaying capacity of the borrower is above all. If you are on redundancy, do not hesitate to apply. We have a range of unsecured personal loans to offer for multiple short-term financial needs.

  • Show redundancy proof – We need to see the redundancy notice or letter issued by the company to verify your current situation. No physical document is required. You can provide the necessary information online while we process your application.

  • Alternative income proof – As you are not doing a regular job, some other source of earning is necessary. Give us ample proof to show that your bank receives a certain amount monthly regularly. Do not forget, regularity of income is necessary.

Why Choose EasyLoansUK for Unsecured Loans?

We can present you with every reason to consider us for unsecured loans. Our only aim is to offer you uncompromised lending services and for that we work on every detail that can improve our services. Have a look at our 4 pillars that make us stand out despite being on the same platform with other borrowing options. Get in touch with us and clear all your doubts because we have a dedicated team that can clear all your doubts. You can always call us on our customer care number to be more precise about your loan decision.

Quick disbursal
Quick disbursal

The instant approved decision is followed by a fund transfer. Get funds within a few hours.

Pay off early free
Pay off early free

We do not take any prepayment penalty if you want to pay off the loan before the tenure ends.

Paperless process
Paperless process

With 100% online procedure, you can apply easily. Verification happens online only.

No purpose constraint
No purpose constraint

Borrow for any purpose as short-term unsecured loans have no restriction of reason.

What Do I Get On Unsecured Loans For Debt Consolidation?

If we look at the traditions of the UK marketplace, most of the lenders offer debt consolidation to homeowners only. It means borrowers have to apply them in the form of a secured loan where they have to put the assets.

This has been quite risky for the borrowers as they lose possession of their assets if they default. Therefore, the need for unsecured loans for debt consolidation is always there.

At EasyLoansUK, we responsibly offer unsecured loans that you can use to consolidate your debts.

These loans are available for everyone, including both homeowners and non-homeowners. You do not need to secure the loan amount with property or vehicle. These are unsecured loans and, thus, no collateral is required. These are primarily online loans and include minimum obligations.

We provide unsecured debt consolidation loans with the following attributes:-

  • Affordable Interest Rates: Each loan interest rate is affordable to anyone. We first analyse how much debt you are carrying and how much amount do you need. It indeed impacts the payable interest rate.

  • Flexible Monthly Repayments: For the secured loans, we offer both fixed and flexible repayment terms. For unsecured loans, we keep only flexible repayments so that everyone can repay the loan without any hurdle.

  • Instant Loan Decisions:Our borrowers already prefer us for instant loan decisions. We know you are in a hurry to merge all your debts. Therefore, we take an instant decision on your loan application and provide funds on the same day.

  • No Extra Cost is involved:With us, you have another advantage of unsecured loans for debt consolidation is that you do not pay any extra cost. There are no upfront charges and early repayment charges.

Apart from those features, we offer the following advantages on unsecured debt consolidation loans:-

  • As usual, you have the significant advantage of managing your debts from one place only. You do not need to eliminate debts separately.
  • You pay only one monthly instalment with manageable interest rates. It will not put an extra burden on your monthly income.
  • With debt consolidation unsecured loans, you can keep your financial balance intact. Your debts get cleared in one way, and you can keep concentration on regular expenses.
  • Since we offer flexible repayments on the loans, you can improve your credit score significantly. You do not have any debt, and our monthly loan instalment is quite manageable.

Feel free to obtain loan benefits without collateral burden

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