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Get money without hassles, even if you are unemployed now. Buy essential supplies, pay utility bills or manage emergencies with the help of a FAST unemployed loan from direct lenders.

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How We Make an Unemployed Loan Easier for You?

It is natural for a borrower to think if a loan is given to those who recently lost their job or quit it for better prospects. It can be true that you are rejected in getting a loan. We at EasyLoansUK make it possible and EASY for you.

A loan for unemployed people is a simple personal loan that is offered to people with no job or with no certain income schemes. It is an unsecured loan, which means the borrower is free from the tension of using collateral. Additionally, they are allowed to spend the money however required as direct lenders will not restrict the usage of money by instructional behaviours.

We make these loans even easier for you in these ways:

  • A 98.5% approval rate, which covers most employers
  • No hidden or upfront fees
  • Loan approval within 10 minutes
  • Unemployed loans, even with a bad credit score
  • Borrow anywhere from 1000 pounds to 10000 pounds

Many in the UK take out these loans to manage immediate financial issues and emergencies.

In fact, few borrowers may still not know how a simple and quick loan for the unemployed can help them deal with many problems both during unemployment and in the future.

We will learn about them now if you would scroll down.

Unemployed loans with bad credit

A Loan for the Unemployed Takes Care of Expenses You’re Worried from

When you go unemployed, the first worry that hits your mind is how you can bear the next day's costs, starting with the vital things such as affording food and medicines and paying utility bills.

Sure, your savings account can do that for you. However, it cannot fund you more for a long period. Additionally, it is a 'precious' form of money you saved over a long period. It deserves to grow and not be used for paying bills for unemployment.

As a plan B, you have got an unemployed loan for you.

Here are things it can do for you:

Manage Emergencies

Take out an emergency loan for the unemployed in the UK to deal with an emergency without trouble.

Pay Utility Bills

Stop worrying about paying your next month’s utility bills by taking out a small loan for the unemployed.

Help You Focus More on Being Re-Employed

Do you need to buy a laptop or other sorts of gadgets to start working from home? Do you need short training to get employed in an organisation? Say ‘yes’ to these questions with a loan we have for you.

Saves Your ‘Savings’ Account

Save more and pay less for the advantage of flexible terms offered with unemployed loans. Do not worry about high-interest rates, as we will help you with your financial situation.

How We Make a Direct Lender Loan for the Unemployed Available & Attractive?

Well, you do not need to worry about your authenticity needs and flexible repayments (along with that useful direct lender guidance) as we are a direct lender looking after the matter. However, people who are being unemployed come from different walks of life, and they might not always want the same loan.

Just for them, we DIVERSIFIED our loan options into many so that borrowers with no job get to meet their financial requirements. What unemployed loans do we have for you? They are given below:

loans for unemployed
  • Short-Term Loan for the Unemployed

    A short-term personal loan is a type of loan that is available for a shorter period. Therefore, the loan duration is short, and you can get over the loan term quickly. We offer a 12-month loan for the unemployed with direct lender facilities only for you.

  • Bad Credit Unemployed Loans

    When we see borrowers worried about unemployment and bad credit problems, we tell them to relax. We only go through the credit profile to make a soft credit check, which does not affect the lending process. Based on your income, we make our calculations and offer you approval for a loan for the unemployed with bad credit within 10 minutes.

  • No Guarantor Loans for the Unemployed

    Unemployment can be a problem where borrowers must take a loan out with a guarantor to get the money approved. It is a lengthy process, and the availability of a guarantor may not be a possible option for many borrowers. That is why we don't put any such obligations for a guarantor and offer you loans for unemployed with no guarantor

  • Guaranteed Loans for the Unemployed

    Borrowers are often found anxious if they can get a guaranteed loan for the unemployed with all the facilities they expect. Well, that wish is coming true here. We have professionally organised our loan verification process based on either your credit score or your income. A 100% guaranteed direct lender loan for the unemployed is not a myth if you take it out from us.

Got a New Job or Joining Soon? Take out a Payday Loan for the Unemployed

Being the top-rated and one of the most popular loan options among borrowers, a same-day payday loans for the unemployed can make sense when you lose a job. Still, you're about to be employed in another company immediately.

A loan offers you the money only to give your lenders the money back on your next payday, i.e. the day you get your salary. If you are about to join a new company or you can confirm you are about to hit the office soon, you can consider this option.

To offer you the loan, we might need some evidence.

They are:

  • A valid appointment/ offer letter from your next employer
  • The address of the company or your employer
  • Your salary amount, as mentioned in the appointment letter
guaranteed loans for the unemployed

However, we have ANOTHER WAY to offer you a payday loan. Do you have no job? However, you are earning benefits? It can help you borrow money from us in the ‘payday loan way’.

You can take out a payday loan when you don't earn but get benefits or allowances from the government or any other organisation.

If you can offer us the evidential papers and amount of benefits received by you and if you can offer us to pay back the loan just like a payday loan works, then we will lend you money.

Check your documents and grab a perky payday loan for the unemployed on benefits now!

Can I Borrow a Loan for the Unemployed with Bad Credit Online?

Of course, you can!

Bad credit is a genuine problem for people. Chances are you are suffering it, too, along with unemployment. However, a bad credit score doesn't exist in the lending process from our end as long as we find your income stable.

If your income statement is stable and reliable to pay us back the loan amount in instalments and if you can produce documentation of that evidence on paper, you can know that the loan you want is already yours.

As mentioned earlier, showing us the confirmed notification of a future job will also get you an unemployed loan with a bad credit score.

This is something we lenders call loan affordability.

By the way, we accept income fromANY SOURCE AND IN ANY WAY.

These are:

When we see you are comfortable paying us the loan back using nothing but your income, your credit score is given a soft credit check to keep your financial data recorded and understand them. The credit check will not interfere with the loan, and you will receive it anyway.

Don't even worry about the additional matter. An unemployed loan from our side for bad credit is attractive because there are:

What are you waiting for? Get that loans for bad credit for the unemployed with no fees and no guarantor from us now!

Can I Take out an Instant Loan for Students while Unemployed?

Well, the good news is that it is true.

Students can be unemployed since they devote most of their time to their studies. Besides, some students may need an unemployed loan to finalise a degree program or an online course in a short period, and maybe their parents might not approve the money from their side.

There can be problems. We know that, that is why we have come forward to offer you a student loan for bad credit online, and that is too fast.

As we mentioned earlier, any form of income would do for taking out a loan of this kind.

It doesn't matter if you are a freelancer or a part-time worker. If you can pay us the money back in time, we will surely lend you the amount you require right now.

Grab your income documents and fill in the easy application form to get an instant loan for students, who are unemployed.

Here’s How to Apply for an Unemployed Loan from Us?

Applying for loans for unemployed with bad credit and no guarantor from EasyLoansUK is easy. Here are the ways mentioned to you down below:

Reach the application form by clicking on “Get a Quote” and filling in these details:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Loan amount and Type
  • Date of Application

We will receive the documents and will go through your loan needs. To do that, we also need your income statements. So, you need to send us the following documents:

  • Your electoral roll or a utility bill for identity verification
  • Your job statement
  • Your offer letter (if you are joining soon)
  • Your salary slips or paychecks
  • Your bank statement
  • Your mobile number associated with your bank account
  • Residential proof

Lastly, you need to wait for the approval and its notification. Also, do the same when we disburse the loan within 48 hours. Inform us if you need to clear doubts or if there is a problem associated with the loan disbursal process.

Why Unemployed Loans from EasyLoansUK Are Unique?

Based on years of lending experience and dealing with borrowers from all walks of life, we have come to a point of clarity regarding our services. This is what has made our lending even more productive and important to a lot of borrowers. We made our loan terms more friendly and lucid to make a difference for our borrowers.

That is not all. Our motto is to provide our lenders with loan options that make complete sense to their income statements and lifestyles (observed from a financial perspective).

For unemployed loans, we have specialised our services in a few ways that help people be more in-tune with the borrowing. Devising the perfect ways for loan repayment, we always aim to make our borrowers relaxed and stress-free.

Do you want to learn how we make these benefits come true for you? Well, you can look at the points mentioned below:

1. You Can Repay Early

We won't stop you if you want to repay early. It might be possible that you have earned a decent amount of money and circumstances are allowing you to repay at the right time.

If you want to make your loan terms over faster and focus more on your personal finances, then we come to a step forward to help you by ACCEPTING EARLY REPAYMENT.

2. You Can Change Loan Terms if You Are a New Borrower

We have been one of the most favourable direct lending services because we allow you to change loan terms if you are a new borrower facing some difficulty repaying the loan. As an unemployed person, there might be some financial stagnation. We understand that and adapt to your needs as much as we can.

3. A Paperless Process

Applying for a quick cash loan for the unemployed from our side is something that excludes all sorts of paperwork. It is completely online. You click to go to the application page and fill up some simple details such as your name, DOB, phone numbers, loan amounts etc., and you will be approved for the loan after your documents are verified. We do it fast.

4. Get the Loan in 48 Hours

We would require your documents (such as your income details and financial statements) to approve the loan. Once verified, you will get the money within 48 hours. We promise.

5. We Serve Start-ups

If you got unemployed and are thinking of taking a loan for the unemployed out for starting your own brand, then you worry about getting the loan without collateral or guarantors. Well, we offer unsecured personal loans for the unemployed with no guarantor for start-ups and that too in large amounts.

We have lent money to millions of people with umpteenth financial needs. We believe in helping people in troublesome situations like unemployment or bad credit. The only way we made our services special is to never say ‘no’ to any borrower who comes to us for monetary assistance.


I have got unemployed recently. Can I get an unemployed loan for a month?

You can get an unemployed loan for a month if you choose the payday loan. These loans are offered to you when you are sure that you can repay the money after a month using the salary of your new job (if employed already). In other cases, you can use any income statement, such as freelancing, part-time income, or benefits.

What do I need to do if I have bad credit and want an unemployed loan?

You can get an unemployed loan with bad credit when you produce some evidence of earning. You can share the documents of your present earnings, and if a new employer hires you, then your offer letter with the employer’s address and your salary amount would do.

I want a student loan for the unemployed. What should I do?

You can take out a student loan for the unemployed by sharing with us any income statement. It doesn’t matter to us if you are a freelancer or if you are running an online business. You will get the loan if you are ready to pay us the instalments.

Are unemployed loans going to cost me more expenses?

No. We offer these loans based on a variety of loan terms and offers. We can also change your term and rates based on your earnings if you are a new borrower. We will assess your financial situation and will help you accordingly.

Is it possible for me to repay early?

You can repay early as we don’t make any obligation to the process. We would rather welcome a repayment if you want to make It even earlier for us. We leave the decision up to you and your financial conditions.

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