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We are your right choice to erase money crisis after job loss. Take a loan on instant approval decision with affordable repayments. Get your deal customized online in a few minutes after approval.

Best Loans For Unemployed

Job loss is a significant situation, and it comes with many adverse financial circumstances, but with the right solution in hand, you can overcome it smoothly. EasyLoansUK offers loans for unemployed with personalised pricing that ensures affordable repayments. The process to apply is convenient and predictable. We make sure you get money immediately after approval. The approval rate on our loans is 98.5%, which covers a large number of people. If you are also looking for urgent help due to unemployment, we are RIGHT HERE to fund your need for any short-term concern. The fast application process, instant decision, immediate fund transfer and customised deals.

Unemployed loans with bad credit – Yes, we do provide

A Drop-in credit score easily relates to job loss because financial obligations become a burden. However, this issue does not exist anymore because you can now borrow funds with unemployed loans with bad credit from anywhere in the UK.

Qualify some primary conditions, and you can borrow funds instantly.

  • We need to see any current income source. If that is satisfactory with a stable repaying capacity, you can expect a positive answer from us. Part-time earning, money through rental income, freelance projects etc., anything will do.
Unemployed loans with bad credit
  • Consistent income is necessary as we need to follow the lending rules, and for that, regularity is an essential factor. It is also essential for you to also help get instant approval and a lower rate of interest.
  • It is great if you have the appointment letter for the new job because that helps you get approved faster. Provide us with the appointment confirmation on the company letterhead.
loans for unemployed

Payday loans for unemployed for those with a new job

Unemployment is not a permanent situation, and sooner or later, you get a job. However, by the time you join the new employer, the expenses need to be managed. For this purpose, we have arranged payday loans for unemployed people.

  • We need to see the appointment letter signed by a recognised authority of your new company.
  • The letter should have the address of the new employer as we need to verify things.
  • The salary should be mentioned in the appointment letter.

The above conditions make your borrowing journey smoother, and you can borrow a larger amount.

Can I get guaranteed loans for the unemployed?

Of course, you can get the funds with guaranteed approval in certain circumstances. We provide every opportunity to the fund seekers to borrow with 100% surety on the approval rate.

  • If your credit score is still good and has not dropped, we are more than happy to offer you funds.
  • If your credit score performance is low, your alternate source of income other than your job should be consistent.
  • The applicants with a new job in hand expect a good chance of approval. With the stronger capacity to repay funds, they get approved.

The terms and conditions for guaranteed loans for unemployed are not as complicated as you think. Some essential circumstances in your financial life and career life can make you land directly to the message of loan acceptance.

guaranteed loans for the unemployed

Easy eligibility for quick loans for unemployed

Direct lending keeps things easy for instant funding, and the first step for that is a smooth eligibility check. With a few steps to cross, you can easily cross the check and move further to find your financial respite in the form of a bad credit loan. A little attention to them can get you quick loans for the unemployed.

Emergency Short-term loans for Unemployed with additional features

We make things easy for you, and for that, every loan deal accompanies some additional features. The approval to payment of the last instalment, the borrower's journey is easy due to these added traits.

Emergency Short-term loans for Unemployed

Pay off early easy without any penalty

No prepayment penalty is applicable if you want to pay off the obligation before the end of the tenure. It is totally fine to do so because we understand that lesser obligations help you explore new financial choices.

Bigger borrow limit for existing customers

We treat our existing customers with special offers. If you have taken any other loan from us and had a good repayment history, you can borrow a larger amount for the emergency short-term loans for unemployed.

New customers can change repayment plan

Yes, we have something to offer to everyone. The new borrowers can change their repayment plans during the tenure if they find it challenging to repay instalments. We can change it according to your conditions.

Unemployed students can also apply

Direct lending is versatile, and it gives a chance to all. We have all the arrangements to offer instant loans for students who are unemployed. Are you a student? Then search us online and explore our offers.

Unemployed loans for start-up

After a job loss, own a business sounds like the biggest support, but lack of money is always there. Well, we can help here with the start up loans for the unemployed without any collateral. You can have your initial capital.

EasyLoanUK is an all-rounder in short-term loans because we have served millions of borrowers. Our success is in the satisfaction of our customers, as they have borrowed a lot of money from us. Are you also looking for temporary support for a temporary money crisis? Then consider us and apply on our website. Our dedicated team is sure to contact you soon, and once the funds are approved, we assign you a relationship manager to care of everything. Get in touch anytime day, evening, night, midnight, as we are available round-the-clock, all days. No circumstances can make us say 'NO' to process your application.

How we make your loan deals simpler to avail?

EasyLoansUK works on adding effective trait to its lending services that can offer assured ease while you borrow money. To make the complete process simple and predictable, we execute some special features in our procedure.

No hidden charges
No hidden charges

We have nothing to hide because transparency is our principle

Decision in 10 minutes
Decision in 10 minutes

Your time is precious to us and we make things happen faster.

Money in 42 hours
Money in 42 hours

Once approved, the money transfer is surely immediate and safe.

100% paperless process
100% paperless process

Direct lending is never hefty with documentation and we follow that.


How Long Does Approval Take Place on Unemployed Loans?

You need to see the present scenario of the UK marketplace where online lenders are there. You can have loan approval on the same day of the application submitted.

You should approach a direct lender that accepts online unemployed loan application. Such a process does not involve too much paperwork. The lender does also not take time in reviewing it. Your bank account can have the borrowed sum after a few minutes if approved.

What do I need to submit along with my unemployed loan application?

If you apply through an online format, you do not have to submit anything with your application. Most of the time, unemployed loans are there for a shorter duration. Thus, lenders do not need assets to keep as the repayment backup.

Some direct lenders, like Easy Loans, do not ask for guarantor’s financial records. They offer loans for unemployed with no guarantor required. But, your application should have genuine personal details, and that can work for you.

Will the lender call my previous employers for verification?

Different direct lenders in the UK have varied strategies for their loan products. Some of them want to verify everything before granting an unemployed loan. Some lenders trust on the borrowers’ loan application and allow the disbursal.

Easy Loans does not call your previous employers if you need money on an urgent basis. We allow quick funding access to get rid of financial issues ASAP.

What will happen after getting a loan approval?

If you are unemployed and getting the loan approval from the lender, it is indeed a huge relief for you. But there are more benefits that you can avail after getting the approval. Some of them may be:

  • You can get an immediate release of funds from the lender
  • You can keep your regular cash flow besides finding out the new employment
  • You can also improve the credit scores, if you have bad credit, by making timely repayments

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