Personal Loans

Want to fund your vacations? Need funds to redesign your home before this year Christmas? Aspiring for buying your dream car? Apply for our bespoke deals on the personal loans and meet your ends with having sufficient funds into your pocket.

Representative Example: If you borrow £10,000 for 12 months term you will repay £997.64 per month.

Amount : £10,000 for 12 months Monthly Repayement Amount -: £997.64 Interest Rate P.A : 34.6% (fixed)
Total Interest Repayable : £1971.65 Total Amount Repayable : £11971.65 Representative APR : 34.6%

Warning : Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to

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PERSONAL LOANS - An All-Round Financial Source

Do you need money to plan a vacation out of your city? Is there a lack of funds to arrange everything for your wedding? Many such financial questions are running in your mind when there is instability. However, the perfect answer to them is availing personal loans.

  • Easy-to-qualify
  • Convenient to apply
  • No collateral and no guarantor

These are the specific features of these loans that can reinvent peace in your life.

EasyLoans is among the top leading UK Lending Companies catering to the financial needs of individuals from diversified profiles- unemployed, bad credit, no guarantor, no collateral, etc.

Irrespective of the financial hurdles you face while materialising your plans, we have affordable and ready-to-deliver financial solutions like Personal Loans for Unemployed, Unsecured Personal Loans without guarantor and credit check, etc.

The ever-expanding range of personal secured and unsecured loans in the UK makes us a preferred choice of the UK nationals, and even those who are on a work permit, simply for the reason that they have customised proposal in hand.

Who can qualify for the loans? -

There is nothing like a specific line of borrowers. Our personal loans are available for every individual irrespective of any financial status. You can apply even if you are a:

  • Tenant or homeowner
  • Credit history or no credit history holder
  • Employed, self-employed or unemployed
  • Undergraduate or postgraduate student
  • A retiree person or single woman

Our online lending windows are open for 24/7 for everyone. You can connect us any time before applying or during any difficulty in making the repayment.

What impact does bad credit have on my personal loan application?

At EasyLoans, you do not need to be worried about your application only because you have a bad credit score.

We are the follower of modern-day lending, where flexibility meets with feasibility.

As the responsible direct lender in the UK loan market, we offer the best financial solutions through our unsecured personal loan for poor credit people. Indeed, the policy of no credit check has a big role to play, and guaranteed approval becomes evident for the borrowers.

The purpose of applying for these small loans may be any including:

  • Home improvement
  • Wedding plans
  • Debt consolidation
  • Credit score improvement
  • Higher study
  • Christmas holiday on a particular occasion
  • Pending bills payments
  • Meeting urgent requirements


Hiring our services is going to prove beneficial as we conform to terms of privacy, low cost, speedy processing, reliability and tracking. The credit assessment, in case of large amount, takes just a few hours, not days.

The whole process is transparent enough to make you believe that you got the right helping hands to support your unsecured personal loan requirements.

What Benefits EasyLoans Bring on Personal Loans for Unemployed?

For jobless individuals, they cannot get a much safer option than our lending hub. Whichever purpose they have our personal loans for unemployed offer the best solution, which other online lenders in the UK may not be providing.

When it is the unsecured personal loan, we always stand by your side. Here are the benefits that they can fetch from us:

Quick funding at a crucial time: The personal loan is the best option for the unemployed people requiring a low amount for short time frames. You get same-day approval with no hassle at all.

Repay the loan as easy as you can: Repayments can be stretched to a maximum of 2 years, but the borrowers are free to deposit earlier also. There is no prepayment penalty for them.

No negative effect of low credit score: No matter if the jobless borrower is running poor credit score or no assets for collateral, we go a step ahead to your concerns by considering the applications even if you are out of a job.

EasyLoans Make Borrowing Easier for You

  • Professionalism
  • Commitment
  • Result-friendly approach
  • Instant Financial assistance
  • Lending for everyone

Yes, these are the primary principals that drive our lending service in the UK.

Our online loans experts have a well-explained service manual in black and white leaving nothing on the assumption.

The cheap personal loans by EasyLoans keep you relaxed and free from worries of hidden charges and credit check. In the end, we are delivering the ultimate experience of personalised finance.


If your credit ratings fall in fair or good category, then we can assure interest rates discount on the unsecured personal loans. Or, your income status can also play a significant role in it.

Apart from these possibilities, your past and present financial performance does also matter.

It does not take too much of time in credit assessment because we usually follow the soft credit check process for the people with bad credit. In some cases, we do not perform credit perusal. Therefore, only a few minutes are required to verify the loan application and that is why borrowers get same day disbursal.

Yes, we give the liberty to our borrowers to share their financial constraints and we finalise the personal loan repayment term in which they feel comfortable.

Our main suggestion is only to choose a repayment period that should match to your capacity and can improve their credit scores.

There are very rare chances of getting denied on your unsecured loan request. But sometimes due to unintentional fault or wrong information, we may deny the loan application but just to revive the details. Otherwise, we are committed towards guaranteed approval.