Payday Loans

On the spot solution for short term financial needs with payday loan offer personalised to complement your needs.

  • No-fuss application
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Say no to loan obligations
  • Confidentiality is guaranteed

A Payday Loan Can Shield you from Financial Turmoil

Want to beat the heat of a crisis? Payday loans have been designed to cover exigencies that need immediate attention. You can rely on these loans, especially when bills cannot wait.

Prevent your life from becoming chaotic due to money problems by getting same day payday loans at the right time. These loans are a one-stop solution for complex circumstances. Tackle any tricky financial situation by borrowing a fair loan amount with a repayment commitment.

Direct access to payday loans means:

  • You are free to borrow any amount as per affordability
  • Repayment is flexible to keep your situation under control
  • You can qualify without a guarantor
  • Any type of income proof will work for you
  • Hassle-free steps to complete for loan application

After struggling badly with the current situation, you must resort to getting these loans for that ultimate financial peace. EasyLoansUK would love to make the entire process easy-breezy for you. Reach out to us at any time.

Direct access to payday loans

What are Payday Loans?

Payday loans in the UK are a genuine loan opportunity customised to fit your changing financial needs. In short, any loan that you can borrow to address short term necessities and repay with the next pay check is an exact version of these loans.

It is easy for you to get confused with the definition as it shows a close resemblance with short term loans. No security or collateral is a common point of similarity that you may note in the case of these two loans. However, there are several areas where these funding sources have no match.

  Short term Loans Payday Loans
Loan amount A small amount to serve the trivial purpose Adjustable amount to serve any purpose
Repayment term Shorter duration for repayment Flexible term for repayment
Interest rates High rate of interest Competitive interest rates

This tabular representation is meant to clear your doubts. Several questions may arise in your head when finalising a loan option. Hope, the above table gave you some clarity on what to choose when you are cash strapped.

What should drive you to get instant payday loans?

If you are looking for one reason to get payday loans from a direct lender in the UK, we can give numerous reasons to support why these are an apt choice. Such salary day loans are your go-to option in any financial challenge. Just be mindful of your financial habits to make sure of timely repayment.

The best payday loans in the UK are bundled with unique features that you would enjoy in the borrowing journey:

instant payday loans
  • Viable repayment terms: Repaying is less bothersome. You can repay in a single payment once you receive your income. You can choose any term that lets you pay back comfortably.

  • No guarantor requirement: You can be your guarantor with easy payday loans. In short, your repaying capacity will decide our fate. You are not judged on others’ capability to support you.

  • No security obligation: Unlike traditional loans that demand you pledge costly assets, these loans are an exception. Anyone has the right to access these loans based on affordability.

  • Any income proof is acceptable: Any source of income that shows your income ability is accepted. It does not matter if you are self-employed or unemployed with a part-time income. You must have some form of income to show your repaying potential.

  • Submit application with a single click: The conventional steps of offline borrowing need you to stand in a queue for hours to submit the application. You can avoid this step with a single click while aspiring for quick payday loans in the UK.

  • Scope of approval is high: The very thought to strike your mind while applying for a loan is to get approved without hitches. It is possible here in the case of these loans. Once you cover all the eligibility conditions, you are considered a good fit for this financing option.

  • Transparency in rates: We like to keep the fee structure transparent and easy to understand for you. We maintain fair lending practices and counted among those payday loans direct lenders who help bad credit people with no fees imposed.

  • Any credit scores are accepted: With us, there is no need for you to disclose your credit history. We pay attention to your present financial stability. Our services are for borrowers with any credit scores.

What should you do after having a guaranteed approval of payday loans?

It is well and good if you have planned for an unknown future event that might shake your financial foundation. But what if there is no plan or finances to safeguard you? Instant payday loans from a direct lender like us can come in handy when financial problems seem unsolvable.

These loans have limitless scopes when it comes to usage. You can utilise loan money in various instances like:

  • To fill the funding gap to continue your business operations
  • To arrange extra finances for that unplanned gadget purchase
  • To initiate your investment in a retirement fund
  • To manage additional requirements when your income gets already squeezed
  • To sponsor a sudden payment that student loans didn’t cover
  • To smartly rack up money for consolidating past debts
  • To disburse unplanned doctor visit fees
  • To grab a surprise gift for that long lost friend
  • To pay off the school fees of wards just for this month

What will happen if you apply for payday loans with bad credit?

Instant payday loans for bad credit are your ideal match when you get trapped in an unexpected financial situation. You can come across diverse choices by looking around. But these loans have exclusive attributes that you must not want to miss.

Find out what makes these loans unique:

  • Multiple utilities

    You don’t have to bother about sticking to defined rules for loan utilisation. You are free to decide ways you must spend the approved loan sum. Steer clear of costly purchases that these loans don’t intend to cover.

  • Accessibility

    The most significant advantage of opting for these loans is that you can apply conveniently with a phone or laptop. You don’t have to drop by the bank branch for application purposes. Your internet connectivity should be stable while you apply for bad credit payday loans.

  • Minimal requirements to fulfil

    While applying for loans, fulfilling all the criteria may seem challenging. But not with these loans! We have kept eligibility criteria short and simple. We endeavour to help as many borrowers as possible. That’s why we have put together conditions that are practically possible to fulfil.

  • No reason for hesitation

    Bad credit scores often compel borrowers to avoid getting a loan. We intend to offer equal opportunity to everyone regardless of their credit standing. You can apply with us without facing any compulsion.

  • Provide automatic repayment

    We look forward to offering a bespoke borrowing experience to everyone. We have set up a streamlined process to make borrowing easy for you. For this same reason, we have provided an option where you can automate repayment. It will prevent you from bearing any additional cost for late payment.

  • Enhancing overall financial record

    Payday loans in the UK for poor credit people fulfil dual purposes. First, they bring quick funding during an emergency. Second, improving the credit scores is well a possibility thanks to the flexible repayment terms are there. Pay all loan instalments on time and enhance your credit profile.

What Steps are needed to get Payday Loan with No Credit Check?

Credit score check is what creates hesitation among those with poor credit issues. You certainly do not want hard credit assessment especially your credit history is not satisfactory. Perhaps, what you want is instant payday loan with no credit check facility.

Not checking the credit score of the applicant completely is not possible for the lenders. However, we deal with the loan applications with soft credit check. Yes, it is the safest option that does not deny a person to avail a payday loan.

Here are some possibilities to avail these loans without credit check:-

  • Remain sincere in handling your recent payments;
  • You are the first-time borrower and do not hold any credit history;
  • You have been our previous borrower and repaid loan on time then.

What awaits you if you fail to pay back payday loans online on time?

Instant payday loans need you to take care of the repayment aspect. For this reason, we ask you to confirm your affordability more than once before you finally commit to us.

Perils of getting these loans that you must accept are:

  • Accrued rate of interest
  • A debt cycle that is hard to break
  • Penalty or late fees
  • Unavoidable rollovers
  • Possibility to tamper credit scores

Should you expect to get payday loans in the UK on the same day?

We don’t want our borrowers to wait much longer for quick payday loans with bad credit to cover any urgent need. Once you provide all the essential details relevant to the application, we initiate the processing stage. You can expect to receive a quick message from us as we like to keep the turnaround time short.

Applying is easy with a simple text message. Our representatives are 24X7 available to address your queries. Only a few clicks, our services will reach you within a few minutes.

Get started with us:

  • By calculating the price, amount and term carefully
  • By adding details that make sense with the application process
  • By cross-checking, all the details entered
  • By clicking the ‘submit’ button

Are payday loans fit for the unemployed?

We have a liberal approach toward lending. Thus, with us, payday loans for the unemployed are available for:

  • Someone unemployed yet has some income source
  • Someone suffering from bad credit tags yet has the capability to repay
  • Someone self-employed

Why ‘EasyLoansUK’ are a reliable direct lender of short term payday loans?

We value your time. Thus, we look forward to providing you with a solution as early as possible. Unlike other traditional lenders, we maintain an easy communication mode where you can also approach us for a simple query.

Things you should look forward to getting from us:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Simplicity
  • Flexibility
  • Easy approachability
  • Round the clock assistance


Is it possible for me to get instant payday loans for bad credit without a bank account?

We execute all the processes digitally. So, you must apply with us online. Plus, you need to provide us with your checking account details so that we can transfer the approved money in no time. We don’t have any offline existence.

How can I ensure an instant approval of payday loans from direct lenders?

We have kept straightforward conditions to ensure your eligibility. Your financial circumstances should align with our requirements. See your eligibility to confirm your chances of getting approval from us.

Our criteria are flexible to match anyone’s condition. You can apply with us:

  • If you are 18 years or above
  • If you earn a stable monthly income
  • If you have proof of residency
  • If you hold an active bank account
How long should I wait to get approved loans?

Payday loans in the UK from a direct lender like us get approved once we validate your affordability despite a bad credit score. You will receive a quick notification once we process your loan request. After that, we may ask you for further details if needed.

We acknowledge your rush. We have introduced a systematic approach to handle your request as early as possible. You don’t have to wait for days to get notified by us. You will be notified about your application status from us in no time.

What are the chances of getting approved for bad credit instant payday loans?

Unlike traditional lenders who want you to meet strict conditions, we resonate with your practical financial problems. We have streamlined the processes by excluding the documentation part.

You can apply our vital personal information that authenticates your financial ability. You can get started with us being a poor creditor with no costly assets. We look forward to making borrowing possible for whoever approaches us.

Am I free to use loans after guaranteed approval of payday loans from direct lenders?

We don’t interfere in the life of the borrowers. We don’t need any clarification about loan usage from the borrower. You don’t have to follow any standard rule to utilise loans that you fetch from us. Make sure not to use these loans to pay for your personal needs.

How viable is it to approach direct lenders for payday loans with no credit check?

With poor credit scores, you will struggle to get recognised by prominent lenders. We can solve your problem as we don’t find credit checks mandatory. We verify your affording ability in different ways.

You don’t have to undergo the humiliation of revealing your blemished credit status with us. Therefore, you can approach us at any time without any hesitation.

Should I worry about soft checks to obtain loans?

Payday loans in the UK with no credit check from a direct lender like us consider a soft approach once we receive your application. It will not leave any footprints in your credit history. So, don’t worry! These checks are compulsory, but they will not hurt your credit scores.

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