Payday Loans

Say NO to your last-minute financial needs with instant payday loans. When there is no other source of help, use your salary day as the base to borrow quick money in just 1 hour and repay in affordable installments.


A financial crisis cannot survive for a long time if you have the address of a suitable solution. The emergency needs of money usually make people stuck in difficult circumstances because not always have ample savings or help from people. For such situations only, the loans products like instant payday loans took shape. The fund seeker can borrow money based on payday. A simple proof of regular income, a quick application procedure and the money reaches the person in a short time. Are you also looking for an instant financial respite? Then, EasyLoansUK is the fair platform of help with affordable deals on interest rates with flexible repayments.


Representative Example: If you borrow £3,000 for 3 months term you will repay £1084.30 per month.

Amount : £3,000 for 3 months Monthly Repayement Amount -: £1084.30 Interest Rate P.A : 49.9% (fixed)
Total Interest Repayable : £252.89 Total Amount Repayable : £3252.89 Representative APR : 49.9%

Warning : Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to

Payday Loans Features

Every borrower should know about the promising aspects of payday loans that make their financial lives easier.


Superfast application process

No documents, only online verification of income and a small online application form.

10 minutes for lending decision

Stay sure about a quick approval decision in a short duration of 10 minutes after application submission.

No upfront fee or charges

Your search for instant payday loans with no upfront fees can end here as we follow the fair lending principle.

Guaranteed approval

The approval is almost guaranteed, as the guaranteed payday loans have a higher approval rate of 99%.

No condition of guarantor

You need no guarantor support to get funds through payday loans. You borrow on your repaying capacity.

Payday loans with no credit check without a broker – No search footprint

Payday loans are often obtained in difficult financial circumstances. The applicant may have no savings or any help, but a big reason besides this is the bad or no credit history. There is no need to explain that people with a bad credit history or no credit history normally struggle to get approved for funds. Bad credit loans, but they are also always in doubt whence they apply for any financial product. The payday loan with no credit check and no broker by direct lender solves the purpose of countless borrowers going through a tough time.

  • No credit check is professionally known as the soft credit check process.
  • Borrow money without and search footprint on your credit report.
  • No extra fee needs to be paid to get this no credit check service.
  • Recent financial behaviour gets under scrutiny for the lending decision.
  • With a soft check, you can get funds faster as we check recent details.

What do I need to get instant payday loans with bad credit?

A bad credit situation creates many questions about your repaying capacity against the borrowed money. You need to prove that you can pay back the borrowed money as that is not only the demand of the lender but also a rule by the regulatory authority.

  • Proof of a regular income is necessary to have a smooth start of the lending process after approval.
  • Job stability is also an important aspect, the last 6 months in the same job is necessary for this purpose.
  • The recent financial behaviour should be perfect means the timely payment of recent bills and debts.
  • Due to the corona outbreak, we need you to have a minimum bank account balance of Pound 200.

Can I apply if I was declared redundant by my employer after covid-19 third wave?

We understand the prevalent conditions nowadays, and we are trying hard to offer you the best possible solutions. Yes, of course, you can apply for the unemployed loans even if you have been declared redundant by the employer. However, to get the funds in your account, you need to fulfil certain terms and conditions.

  • If you have lost your job, we need any source of regular income.
  • The recent bills and debt should show timely payments
  • It is better if you have a new job letter to have faster approval

Why EasyLoansUK for Payday Loans in the UK?

The answer to this question should be simple because we try to prove useful to our borrowers in every possible manner with fair deals. Our attention is dedicated to provide the desired experience to the borrowers and help them get through financial difficulty.

  • Dedicated team to answer on your doubts Before people borrow they may have some quick questions and our dedicated customer care executives are there to solve the concerns. Morning 8 to evening 5, we are there, and after that, our smart chatbot serves the fund seekers smartly.

  • Rational pricing of the loan deals We give importance to individual circumstances. It is the reason that the deals we finally put on the table for you is customized. It helps the borrower get the funds at an affordable rate and have equally affordable repayments.

  • Change the repayment schedule If during the repayment plan the borrower feels that he is facing some issues in repayment of funds, we can change the repayment plan. We tailor it to make it more suitable to the financial needs of the people.

EasyLoansUK is an online lender with all the features working to offer the financial well-being of the borrowers. Day and night availability of funds, instant approval decision and fund disbursement within one hour of loan approval. Everything is working in the desired direction to ensure timely relief to the fund seeker because emergencies never compromise in their situation. Not to worry, you can always reach us online irrespective of time and festive or national holiday. We fund 365 days without any guarantor required, even for the poor credit people.

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