No Guarantor Loans

Faster solutions to your financial problems. Submit your loan application now. Say ‘yes’ to your financial revival, and say ‘no’ to the impossibility of getting loans. We are offering an easy and straightforward lending procedure involves minimum obligations and maximum gains.

Representative Example: If you borrow £5,000 for 12 months term you will repay £498.82 per month.

Amount : £5,000 for 12 months Monthly Repayement Amount -: £498.82 Interest Rate P.A : 34.6% (fixed)
Total Interest Repayable : £985.82 Total Amount Repayable : £5985.82 Representative APR : 34.6%

Warning : Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to

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No guarantor loans for no-fuss in finances

The option of borrowing funds can be practised if the loan procedures are such that facilitate fast money. Obligations like guarantor can be a big obstruction in that. It calls for a due remedy, that may solve the purpose and not to mention the no guarantor loans win the attention here.

With simple online procedures, the loans with no condition to bring a second person to co-sign the application become the financial backbone. During the tough financial times, you can rely on them to attain the necessary financial peace. EasyLoans is happy to mention here that it offers the loans without guarantor on low-interest rates.

Attributes of No Guarantor Loans that we facilitate to ensure ease to you

As an extension to the liberal lending policies of the online financial solutions, several vital features, accompany our loan deals.

Personalisation - Repay what you can. This becomes possible through our personalised deals that allow you to borrow funds on customised rand and repayment plans. Different persons have different financial conditions, and one loan deal cannot apply in the case of others.

Rollover to avoid default - We want to help you in every situation. If you fail the pay of the money in the decided duration, we give you one rollover period. It means a second chance to pay the loan back. After a few formalities, the loan gets renewed, and you stay away from an awkward spot on financial records.

Approval decision in ‘05’ minutes - Blink your eyes for a few times and the approval decision blinks on your screen. As the nature of the guarantor-free funding is of short-term loans, the delay is not a distinctive element to keep in the process.

Our parameter to measure the creditworthiness of the applicant is different - How?

Quite different from what the general lending procedures follow, EasyLoans does not judge you on credit scores. The actual proof for us is your fiscal capacity to pay back a loan.

The two significant aspects we focus on your financial efficiency are -

1) Income (Should be sufficient to encapsulate the loan instalment)


2) Debt-to-income ratio (Our idol limit is 70:30)

If you qualify on the above two aspects, you can even apply despite low credit rating through our no guarantor loans with bad credit situation. As the talk here is about the credit score performance, we also welcome first time borrowers. Once again, because your income is the prime criteria for us, if you ask, we are even ready to facilitate no credit check to prevent search footprint. In short, we are your platform to get instant loans in the UK with no constraint.


Exclusive offers for all - ‘Existing’ as well as ‘New’ borrowers

For us, every borrower is equal in importance. Something is there for all to keep everyone satisfied. Here is a list of special offers we provide to you whether you are new to us or familiar.

Existing borrowers New borrowers
Increased borrowing limit with more relaxation in rates.
(Example - If you borrowed £4500 with the same income as you have now, next time you can borrow up to £5500)
The promise of lowest APR despite the absence of credit history.
Money transfer on the same day 60:40 debt-to-income ratio is allowed if payment history is flawless.
Two rollover periods One rollover period

Did you know? There are different versions of loans with no guarantor

When it comes to financial decisions, a small piece of information can be greatly helpful. Due to ignorance, many people fail to understand that no guarantor loans have other versions too. It is majorly a feature that accompanies different loan products too. To help you explain better, Easy Loans also provide several loans with the requirement of a guarantor.

Instant payday loans -
As according to the name, the instant payday loans are immediate to respond to your needs. The approval decision comes in 30 seconds, and the fund disbursement happens in 10 minutes. The funds are approved on your salary proof to make sure that you can repay the money on your payday.


  • High approval rate of 98%
  • Available across the UK
  • No transfer of information to any third party

Unsecured personal loans –
Yes, again, a type that comes with the no guarantor obligation. The particular fact here is that this product also comes with no barrier of credit rating at Easy Loans. Search online for the unsecured personal loans for poor credit, and we are sure to appear on the screen.

Short-term unemployed loans –
As we focus on the repayment capacity, the employment status is not a barrier if the applicant has creditworthiness. Through a part-time job or unemployment benefits the fund seeker can borrow funds by applying to our short-term no guarantor unemployed loans. The tenure is small and the instalments are not hefty.

As the availability of funds is smooth, some people even call these easy loans with no guarantor required. You know what, whatever you search for, we are sure to appear there.

EasyLoans is destined to serve and support you during financial turmoil. We understand that small needs of funds are not funny always and money is required urgently sometimes. We try to ensure a convenient and easy procedure to bring you the necessary sum of funds.