No Guarantor Loans

Why to look for a guarantor when you can borrow funds through no guarantor loans? EasyLoansUK offers affordable deals on the loans for all purposes, without the demand to bring someone to back your loan application.

No Guarantor Loans - Beg No One To be Your Guarantor

A financial need comes with no notice, and at that time, the arrangement of funds is your individual responsibility. In that case, a loan can be helpful as nowadays you have many online options. But what if they ask for a guarantor? No, that may not work if you need funds urgently and even if you have time, not every time someone is available to help or be a guarantor. It is the reason that no guarantor loans gained popularity. They help people borrow money on their own repaying capacity.

EasyLoansUK offers the funds without any guarantor obligation through a speedy and understandable process. The money transfer happens online after a 100% paperless process.


There are many small loans in the UK where borrowers have the convenience while applying. No guarantor loans are indeed among those loan products.

In these sorts of loans, borrowers are not required to find a guarantor while submitting a loan application. Instead, lenders analyse the loan requests on these bases:-

You can say these loans as unsecured loans too. Having a guarantor is indeed beneficial in many ways. Surely, you get lower interest rates and a chance of getting a more considerable amount. However, not every time you have the backup of a reliable person who can take your guarantee. In such a scenario, aspiring for a loan approval becomes tough.

The loans with no guarantor are mainly made for such situations. You not only find loan applying easy but also get funds quickly too.

Features Of No Guarantor Loans

The no guarantor loans are known for their multiple features that deliver ease to the fund seekers. People across the UK depend on this borrowing option because they know their loan journey has a back-up of multiple features.

  • Borrow Least £1000 and last £25000 – Yes, the loans are destined to cover all sorts of short-term expenses. With a bigger last limit to borrow funds, we try to make sure you get an ample amount. However, your personal financial conditions are always the final decision makers. The recent payment record should be good and you can borrow the maximum.
Features Of No Guarantor Loans
  • Friendly to poor credit situation – The loans are designed to feed the needs of those in money crisis based on their current repaying capacity. The credit past has nothing to do with our present-day approval decision. Anyone can apply for loans for bad credit with no guarantor and that too always online and instant. It should be a worthy deal.
  • May accept very bad score on conditions – Yes, a concept like very bad credit loans with no guarantor by a direct lender exist in the industry but on decided conditions. The applicant needs to show that he is in a promising stage in paying off the old debts. If there is any court judgment, we need to see if the applicant is following the court decisions to borrow money.
  • Customised to your needs – Without any stringent interest rate or fixed rate policy, the loans act flexibly according to your latest financial conditions. The capacity to repay instalments in the current circumstances is the prime focus because people improve with time. The instalments due to customisation are never heavy on your pocket.
  • Soft credit check – The thing that you know as no credit check is basically a soft check, and we offer it conveniently. Everyone with a bad credit history or poor credit history can borrow without any search footprint.
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What does it take to apply for no guarantor loans?

Only a few conditions apply to get funds in your bank account smoothly. Some of the basic personal and financial details are sufficient to get a good decision of approval.

  • A consistent income source – Having an income source is fine, but we need to see that the earning is regular to offer you the best deal. Provide the salary or earning proof through a bank statement.
  • Employment stability is good – We appreciate the applicants who are with the same employer for a considerable amount of time. However, in the loans with no guarantor last 6 month stability is also fine.
  • Residential proof on the electoral roll – This condition is vital and uncompromised because no lender can fund you without any such proof. During online verification we can check your latest address on the electoral roll.

Tips to get no guarantor loans in the UK

You should be in no doubt that the fast loans with no guarantor are available on some basic conditions. Technically, you need attention on some essential tips to get approval faster.

Tips to get no guarantor loans

Apply without any broker

You need to know that brokers may check your eligibility with many lenders, and that can cause multiple search footprints. You do not need any broker to apply to us.

The minimum amount in account

Your bank account should have a minimum amount of £500 in your account to qualify for the funds. We need to check the basic financial strength.

Clear recent bills and debts

It is essential for poor credit people. Past credit mistakes can be overlooked if you have spotless financial behaviour in recent times. That is a vital thing to offer approval.

Check credit report for mistakes

Before you apply, check credit report. There can be a wrongly mentioned detail in your report, which may cause a rejection of your loan application.

No upfront fee
No upfront fee
  • Start and finish process without any fee.
No prepayment penalty
No prepayment penalty
  • Pay off loan early free of charge.
Low interest rate
Low interest rate
  • Customisation helps get cheaper deals.
Decision in 10 minutes
Decision in 10 minutes
  • Speedy procedure is guaranteed

No guarantor loans for people on benefits

Unlike other lenders, we do not deny to the applicants living on any sort of government benefits. We know that the money received from benefit is surely helpful but may not be sufficient in front of countless options. We even accept such applicants if they have an imperfect credit history. The loans for bad credit with no guarantor on benefits are available. But remember that in no case we can compromise with the income stability. Also, we need ample proof of the benefits you are receiving.

Arrangements During Covid-19 Pandemic

Due to rise in variant cases, the UK is in another fix, and people have further challenges in personal finances. We have decided to make things easier during this tough time.

  • People who are made redundant by their employers can borrow instant funds for up to Pound 5000 without any new job in hand.
  • Existing customers can borrow a larger amount if their repayment history with us was promising and they paid the last loan at the right time.
  • Bad credit people can also apply but a regular income should be there to get approved for the funds at an affordable rate of interest.

Payment holiday With flexible approval policy

Payment holiday, in general, is an important feature of fast loans with no guarantor, but now during the pandemic, it has become even more important.

  • We approve your payment holiday application for a maximum of 3 months within 30 minutes after online verification of the applicant.
  • We have reduced the rate of interest on the loans. It will prevent the accumulation of interest rates when the holiday period gets over.
  • We need you to be as spotless in your repayment history with us as possible. That is the most convenient way to get instant approval on payment holiday.

EasyLoansUK is always determined to offer funds with most convenience and least stress. The prime aim is to take direct lending to new standards where people can depend on online lenders. With complete transparency of procedure and timely fund disbursement, we try to become the last-minute rescuer for the people. Visit us online, get your deal customized and say NO to any sort of financial insecurity. We are right here 365 days, including festival and national holidays.


Why choose EasyLoansUK for No Guarantor Loans?

We give you many reasons to choose us for loans without guarantor. These include:-

  • Higher loan approval chances
  • Acceptance of bad credit scores too
  • 100% online loan application
  • Same day funding
  • Borrow up to £10000
How does repayment of loans without guarantor work?

We give you flexible repayment methods so that you can quickly pay back your loan on time. You can repay fortnightly, weekly and monthly. However, since no guarantor is involved, you will be the sole responsible person for repaying the entire borrowed amount.

Are loans without guarantor available immediately?

Yes, these loans are available on an instant basis. We follow only the online loan process with no paperwork, making it easier for the aspirants to have everything immediately. In addition, no guarantor is involved, so it will also save a lot of time.

Is your no guarantor loan lender charging a penalty for prepayment?

We do not charge any prepayment fees. If you want to close early your loan, you are welcome to do so. However, we do charge late repayment fees, but it is also nominal only.

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