No Guarantor Loans

Why to look for a guarantor when you can borrow funds through no guarantor loans? EasyLoansUK offers affordable deals on the loans for all purposes, without the demand to bring someone to back your loan application.

Representative Example: If you borrow £5,000 for 12 months term you will repay £498.82 per month.

Amount : £5,000 for 12 months Monthly Repayement Amount -: £498.82 Interest Rate P.A : 34.6% (fixed)
Total Interest Repayable : £985.82 Total Amount Repayable : £5985.82 Representative APR : 34.6%

Warning : Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to

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Who wants to chase and beg people to be their guarantor for a loan that they need urgently? NO ONE! It is the reason that no guarantor loans that can provide funds without anyone to support your application at least for small needs. EasyLoansUK offers the loans without guarantor obligation to ensure that you get the financial help at the right time. Whatever is the sort of your need for money, we have funds available to offer you on lower rates and with flexible repayment plans.

  • Borrow on your terms with customized deals
  • Experience comfort with a paperless process
  • Loans available day and night, 365 days
  • Seasonal offers for existing and new customers

Our presence in the UK is ubiquitous, and also there is no location bias. No place is inferior for us, and you can apply for any corner of the nation. Whether you live in London or Chester, we are all set with our online fast loans with no guarantor obligation. The need is to pay attention to the good health of your personal finances. Our lending decisions are under the scrutiny of UK lending regulations. We are always ready to be flexible, but it is a different situation for a lender to compromise in the rules in the name of flexibility.

No Guarantors Loans with No Credit Check

People with a bad credit history or no debt history normally try to avoid credit check due to the fear of search footprint. Normally, they search for no guarantors loans with no credit check, which is technically soft check. It is an escape from the hard check.

  • We offer soft/no credit check on demand of the borrower.
  • In a soft credit check, we study only the recent financial behaviour.
  • There is no additional cost or fee for soft/no credit check.
  • The soft check process does not delay the application procedure.
  • Soft check does not affect the policy of instant approval decision.

The hard credit check gives a deeper understanding of the finances of the applicant, which creates better chances of a good deal. We always suggest to our applicants, existing or new, to get a more rational and lucrative deal. Final decision we always leave on the discretion of the borrower.


We say ‘YES’ to Bad Credit History AS WELL AS No Credit History

Credit score and credit history status is never an issue with us because we give more importance to what you can repay in present-day situation. Anyone with a bad credit score or a no credit history can reach to us and get loans without guarantor in a few hours. The significance of this open-minded approach reflects the large number of applications we receive every day.

Apply with a bad credit score on the following conditions Apply with no credit history on following conditions
Improvement in recent payment record is necessary
Provide a strong income to show a reliable capacity to pay instalments
Show stable current income to prove repaying capacity The monthly income-outgoing ratio should not be lower than 60:40
Apply for an amount that you can afford to repay Do not apply for a big amount, you may not be able to qualify for it
If possible bring an additional income into the picture Pay the bills timely. In no credit history, they prove to repay potential
Do not make multiple applications to many lenders Give every financial information correctly to help us know your finances

Few things are common in both the situations of bad credit situation and no credit history. Both types of applicants need to provide the last 9 months' bank statements, and both should be registered in the electoral roll with the latest address. If you belong to any of the conditions, fulfil the basic needs, and you can get approval in a blink of an eye. By the way, we charge no fee, whatever is your credit score status. In case you are looking for the loans with no upfront fees and no guarantor, we are the correct address you are looking for.

What is the Fastest Way to Get Easy Loans with no guarantor in the UK?

Time is the most precious asset, and when you need something urgently, you should also know how to do it. You know the loans without a guarantor can help, but you should know to get it faster during financial needs. Several ways can help you apply smartly and play safe during the borrowing journey.

  • Keep your personal finances in order. Pay all the bills and debts on time. It helps get a good deal on the interest rate.
  • Check your affordability through a calculator for loans without guarantor to apply for an amount you can easily qualify.
  • Stick to the terms and conditions we tell you because that helps complete the procedure conveniently and at the right time.


  • Borrow from £1000 to maximum £25000
  • Tenure is from 3 months to 36 months
  • Same day money transfer facility
  • No upfront fee and no hidden charges

If you apply while keeping the above things in mind, the chances of approval increase and you get money faster in your bank account. Sometimes delay happens because an applicant either acts careless or does something that hampers the process. For example, applying for a loan amount that one cannot afford only invites rejection, it is the reason behind the significance of a loan calculator.

Note – We accept the people with rejection on their previous application by a lender. The ultimate decision is always on the financial efficiency of the fund seeker to pay the instalments. Anyone who can prove that authentic details can borrow money through us in a short time.

Why EasyLoansUK for loans with no guarantor?

We aim to serve the financial assistance in which the borrowers can feel satisfied with the services. All our features focus on one important thing, and that is the trust of the borrower on us. To maintain that trust, we design all our features and ensure the desired performance to meet the borrowers' expectations. Whether you take loans with no guarantor or any other short-term loan, we are always there with the following traits.

  • No demand for filing or documentation, only 100% online process.
  • Approval decision within 5 minutes of submission of online application.
  • Money transfer on the same day to offer instant money for emergency needs.
  • No annoying phone calls, individual relationship managers do everything.
  • Rate of interest remain in control with the personalised pricing method
  • Flexible repayment plans, you can change them during the tenure./li>

EasyLoansUK keeps you equipped with the necessary money power at the right time. Your small and short-term money crisis cannot harm you despite bad credit with our loans in the UK with no credit check and no guarantor. We strongly believe in giving an equal chance to everyone to borrow funds despite a bumpy financial history. After the new wave of the pandemic in the UK, the money crisis has become severe again. But we have made sure that our existing and new customers get every possible help to pay their necessary expenses. Take a real-time action with us and apply to get funds online in a few hours.