No Guarantor Loans

Ease your troubled life with the assistance of loans in the UK without a guarantor. Grab custom-made offers despite lacking a stellar credit profile and the support of a guarantor.

Overcome Bad Credit barriers with No Guarantor Loans

Not having a guarantor can be a setback to getting through loan approval. This very thought held you back from approaching any lender. But we, as EasyloansUK, are ready to extend our helping hand and offer loans without a guarantor.

We understand you might be unwilling to ask anyone for help. Besides, we often observe that finding a guarantor seems like an unachievable task, especially when you have bad credit tags. For this reason, we have also made provisions for Loans for bad credit with no guarantor.

We don’t impose the obligation of guarantor on borrowers who are already sailing in troubled waters. You will see easy steps that can take you to the right offer. We are also known for our:

Here, we look forward to providing you with an alternative way to fetch money when you cannot arrange a guarantor. The procedure will be 100% online if you apply for these small loans or even bad credit loans in the UK with no guarantor from a direct lender.

What are No Guarantor Loans?

It is a type of personal loan demanding no guarantor and is accessible by bad credit people. You do not need to engage someone to commit to paying back loans on your behalf. It is just you to commit for timely loan repayment.

These loans follow the same methodology to let you choose the loan amount. It will have the repayment term decided on the amount selected by you. Be intelligent enough to hit the bull’s eye.

Factors Specified range
Amount £ 1000 to £ 10000
Repayment term 12 to 60 months
Features Of No Guarantor Loans

This is to give you a visual representation of how much you can borrow and how long the duration would be. Please note that once loans are approved, you must pay back loans on the agreed timeline.

Loans with no guarantor from a direct lender are functionally very different from other loan options. You can spot the difference here.

Loans with no guarantor Payday loans
You can obtain a substantial amount ranging up to £10000 You can get access to an amount less than £ 10000
You can conduct a thorough comparison of the price You have to agree to borrow on pre-decided rates
Repayment duration is quite extended Repayment of loans should happen within a short span
Loan offers are adjustable as per your budget Get payday loans with no guarantor by adjusting your budget
Face no compulsion due to bad credit Rates will go up because of bad credit

Is Bad Credit unfavourable for getting Loans with No Guarantor?

You will be taken aback by discovering a bunch of features meant to reduce the limitations of your life, like unfavourable credit scores. It goes without saying that obtaining loans for bad credit with no guarantor is not difficult for you now.

Certainly, these loans are bundled with features that make them the go-to option for anyone stuck between options. One can easily bid adieu to restrictions that are part of the traditional borrowing process. The features are:

  • Respite from typical requisites
    Poor credit is such a thing that can make things difficult for you. But not anymore! You can now apply for bad credit loans with a ‘no guarantor’ condition.
  • Loan disbursal in a snap
    Life does not seem to be perfect with less-than-perfect credit scores. A loan without a guarantor can make your rather imperfect life perfect by reaching your online account in no time.
  • Accommodating repayment plans
    There is a table given above for your reference. It showcased the range with the least duration and the maximum span. You can very well understand this provision is meant to facilitate easy repayment.
  • Easily comparable rates
    All you need to do is to change the amount to see the duration and the interest rate. This way, you can stack each offer against one another and finalise the best reasonable rate. Do make sure to choose an offer that complements your budget.
apply for no guarantor loans

Are there options available for No Guarantor Loans?

While discussing options that can make your selection easy, the loan without a guarantor can turn your biggest drawback, i.e. bad credits, into an opportunity to borrow. Yes, it is true! Continue reading to unveil its truthfulness.

  • Debt consolidation loans: At times, the debt burden becomes too much to resist. You can apply for debt consolidation loans for bad credit people in the UK as it needs no guarantor.
  • Personal loans: To make loans more user-specific, personal loans with no guarantor are accessible for bad credit people. It means you can get a loan to fulfil an individual purpose without hesitation.
  • Fast loans: Getting loans at the drop of a hat is beyond expectation for people with not-so-perfect credit scores. However, fast loans with no guarantor are an exception, especially for people like you living with the stigma of poor credit.
  • Short-term loans: There is no need for you to look for loans anywhere else. EasyloansUK will help you get short-term loans with no guarantor and bad credit. These loans will address all trivial cash issues faced by you.
  • Long-term loans: Unlike other direct lenders, we can approve applications on long term loans for bad credit with no guarantor. However, you need to show the strength of your monthly income and affordability to repay the loan.

How can a Loan with No Guarantor serve my purpose?

If you are facing financial trouble, it is not something unique in your life. It can be a usual incident in any random person’s life. But what could be different is the solution.

You have all odds of getting approved for loans for bad credit with no guarantor for instant payout. You have the privilege to use loan money to:

  • Pay pending bills
  • Meet school fees
  • Disburse rent
  • Buy medicines
  • Complete home repair etc.

You can let us know about your financially urgent needs. We instantly work on to your application and grant fast loans with no guarantor. From approval to fund disbursal, everything is done on the exact day.

How can I take advantage of Loans without a Guarantor?

We never make fake promises that we cannot fulfil. We will always to stick to our ideology to help someone in a disadvantageous position. No guarantor loans account for that only. You can see for yourself the different perks that we offer.

Tips to get no guarantor loans

Assist people living with benefits

We have realised that people who receive financial support from the government might need some extra money. Due to bad credit stature, they are unable to borrow money. Loans for bad credit with no guarantor can solve the problem for people living on benefits.

No drama of extra fees

We don’t just claim, but we really make it a point to offer bad credit loans with no fees, no guarantor and no broker charges. It has become possible as we are direct lenders operating in the UK.

A soft search of your credit history

We perform a soft or no credit check to provide no guarantor loans in the UK. This much would be sufficient for us to make sure about your affordability.

Collateral free offering

You can easily borrow unsecured loans with no guarantor overlooking bad credit simply by applying through us. These loans can gift you a dual opportunity in the form of no guarantor and no collateral relaxation.

Same Day Fund Disbursal

One thing is for sure that you can call these loans as same day loan with no guarantor. Our representatives take your application seriously and they respond instantly to bring an early sigh of relief.

How to improve my chances of getting No Guarantor Loans?

It is effortless to ensure 100% acceptance for loans with no guarantor with direct lenders like us. We purely emphasise the approval decision on your eligibility and affordability. At the same time, we ensure not to overlook people struggling with bad credit.

You can consider your application even if you do not belong to UK citizenship. In such a situation, you have to show us your valid visa. We will not entertain any borrower whose financial report highlights a bankruptcy for 2 years. We will treat such applications as inappropriate.

What if a £10000 Loan for Bad Credit with No Guarantor is less?

Here, you will not be disappointed if you need an amount of more than £10000 as a loan for bad credit with no guarantor. We will advise you to opt for our secured loan options. It would need you to pledge an asset that should have a value equal to the loan amount plus interest. We will want proof of your full-time income to take your application forward.

How applying for Loans with No Guarantor applying is easy?

The steps to loan application are quite hassle-free. We have cut short steps that don’t make any sense to us. The best part is that no third-party intervention will be there. It means you can easily apply loans with no guarantor and no broker. Take a look here:

  • Fetch the online form
    With no guarantor loans, you can easily get access to the online form. No hard copy form should be collected from the bank.
  • Round out quickly
    As it enquires fewer details, you can fill it up without any effort. But be careful as you can make mistakes by rushing.
  • Submit to send the form further
    You need to complete the form first. Don’t skip the review part before you finally submit the application.
  • Wait for our response
    We will send you a response on receiving your request. Bad credit loans on guaranteed approval with no guarantor will enter your bank account immediately.

Why EasyLoansUK are a reliable source for me?

As direct lenders for bad credit people, we offer loans with no guarantor demand. We make sure to offer borrowers the following convenience:

  • Ease of accessibility
  • Honest assistance
  • Throughout guidance
  • Quick customer support
  • Safe platform
  • Flexible conditions


When will I get a loan decision from EasyloansUK?

We follow a swift process which does not need you to wait longer. We perform every step with utmost sincerity and speediness. This allows us to provide a speedy decision.

Will I make a mistake by repaying early?

No, there is no harm in repaying early. We will not charge any pre-payment charges in case you pay back no guarantor loans before time.

Is there any specific pattern to follow for repayment?

You can either repay on your own or can consider automatic debit of the amount from your account. You must pay back loans in:

  • Weekly
  • Fortnightly
  • Monthly pattern
Will there be hidden charges attached to loans with no guarantor?

You can check our fee structure, as we will never hide anything from you. We want to maintain a transparent relationship with our borrowers.

Is there anything to worry about regarding late payment?

Of course, there is a lot to worry about if you skip paying back loans on time. The direct results of this would be:

  • Penalty
  • Compounding rate of interest
  • An impression on the credit scores

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