Loans are not only the means of financial help but also the way to stabilise your finances. We make this practical with a comprehensive series of loans embellished with the features like:-

Interest Rates that suit you;
Repayments those are manageable to you;
Obligations that do not restrict you;

Each loan is for every financial problem, and that is why we have given ourselves an ‘all-round’ platform.

Problems like unemployment, poor credit score, financial gap, financial emergencies, funds for holidays, paying educational fees have the perfect loan solutions.

Furthermore, our loan deals are appropriate for people of any age. Whether you are a student, a retired person, an employee or self-employed, we offer everything for everyone. You only need to make yourself eligible to avail the AFFORDABLE LOANS at EasyLoansUK.

You may have a choice among the below-mentioned loans, but we assure you that you get the perfect assistance with lots of possibilities.


Bad Credit Loans

Your past may have many credit errors, but the time is now to correct those mistakes. Our bad credit loans have all the ingredients that take you towards the journey from bad to good.

Be sincere in following the repayments, and you will find yourself at the seat of comfort where your finances are free from that blot. Apply now for bad credit loans and see the difference.

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No Guarantor Loans

Are you finding it tough to hire someone to be your loan guarantor? Is there any need of doing this? Not at all; it is because we bring no guarantor loans to your ease. Submit your loan application on your responsibility, and no need to share your financial condition with anyone.

Be a sole borrower and repay in your capacity. Fill your loan application now.

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Payday Loans

Calm down your financial emergencies by obtaining funds within a few minutes. Our deals on payday loans are enough to crack your financial mess. They include features like customised interest rates, automatic deduction option and no impact on the credit record.

You now submit your loan application, get approval within a few minutes and a guaranteed loan disbursal within 24 hours.

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Personal Loans

Welcome to the world of personal loans where your every wish or need gets better treatment. Get quick funding for your holidays, wedding event, car purchasing, gadget buying or any other personal ends. You do not need to pledge any asset to secure the loan amount.

Forget your poor credit history and start applying today for personal loans.

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Unemployed Loans

Losing a job can be a part of life, but not financial misery. Despite not earning a full-time income, you still have the right of being happy. Moreover, do not feel alone because we have brought an exclusive deal on unemployed loans.

The approval criteria do not include your income or bad credit. We approve your loan application on your part-time income or receiving benefits.

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Home Improvement Loans

Add more value to your home by option for our home improvement loans. You can get the desired funds as easy as you can through our 100% online procedure. Make your choice on the secured or unsecured option and start applying.

The significant benefit that you owe is to apply despite having less-than-perfect credit score. Thus, no obstacle will come your way.

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Unsecured Loans

Are you feeling the pressure of providing collateral to get a loan? Mostly tenants have that concern, but we have brought a right solution for you. Apply now for our unsecured loans where there is no need for any asset to pledge.

These loans suit the best to your financial emergency where you have loan approval and fund disbursal within a few minutes.

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Christmas Loans

Your financial problems will not touch your Christmas celebrations. Yes, it is true, and we make it practical with our personalised deals on Christmas loans. Borrow funds for gift purchase, home decoration, shopping or any other festive purpose.

The loan approval comes beyond your credit history, and you get a nod through your recent affordability to pay the loan. So do not wait. Start applying now.

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