Are you thinking about building a new swimming pool, solar installations on the roof, or kitchen repairing or bath renovation? No matter your credit score, we are here with bespoke home improvement loans, including competitive interest rates and flexible repayments.


Do you want funding to update your property? If yes, you need a suitable financing option where you do not need to use your home equity as collateral. Your search for that financing will end at EasyLoansUK, as we have an exclusive deal on home improvement loans.

You can quickly obtain desired funding to make the updates you require for your home. If you have a better credit record, this loan is indeed a useful option for improving, repairing or updating your living place.

A home improvement loan gives you the liberty to proceed with any improvement you want. It may be embellishing outdoors, making a new kitchen, installing solar lights, bathroom renovations and many more.


You have the following benefits of availing of our home improvement loans:-

  • Funds arrive quickly to your bank account
  • The amount comes up to £25000
  • Flexible loan terms up to 84 months
  • Acceptance for unemployed people
  • Competitive interest rates in the market

During the urgent financial need, getting the right financing becomes crucial. It comes as more important for your home improvement project. When you have a good credit score, you can have financing at lower interest rates. Still, we give acceptance on the bad credit scores too.

Representative Example: If you borrow £12,000 for 24 months term you will repay £699.69 per month.

Amount : £12,000 for 24 months Monthly Repayement Amount : £699.69 Interest Rate P.A : 34.6% (fixed)
Total Interest Repayable : £4792.65 Total Amount Repayable : £16792.65 Representative APR : 34.6%

Warning : Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk


Home improvement loans in the UK are personal loans, which borrowers use to fund their home improvement projects. Like any other personal loans, you have the choice of applying for these loans, either secured or unsecured way.

At EasyLoansUK, you have bespoke offers on both unsecured and secured home improvement loans. You have to decide which option suits your financial capacity and the need of the project.

Here we have differentiated the features of both these loan options:-

Secured Home Improvement Loans Unsecured Home Improvement Loans
You need to pledge any asset to secure the borrowed sum No collateral is required against the loan
You can borrow a large amount for a larger home improvement project These loans are ideal for filling the financial gap
The interest rates are lower as the loans are secured There will be competitive interest rates depending upon your repayment capacity
This option has larger loan terms for the borrowers Usually, shorter loan terms suitable for small projects

An important note: EasyLoansUK does provide both secured and unsecured loans for home improvement. Still, we allow only affordable loan deals where the amount, loan term, interest rates and repayments will be according to your current financial capacity.


If you are looking to update your kitchen or bathroom or add value to your property, well-customised loans for home improvement can assist you in attaining your ambitions.

Here are some of the things that you should ponder upon before choosing a deal:-


Affordable Repayments

You should be clear in your affordability for the loans. We only offer affordable loan deals, even if it is about your home improvement project. Repayments should be manageable and on time.

Flexibility in Loan Terms

You should choose a deal where loan terms are flexible. EasyLoansUK provides you with the same facility. You can choose from one year to seven years as your loan term with us.

How Much Amount You Need

You should know that how the amount is sufficient for the home repairing. For this, we suggest you use the home improvement loans calculator, as it clear your mind with the interest rates on the particular amount.

What is your Credit Score?

We make soft credit enquiries, but it would be better if you know your credit score. It is a good practice because you borrow within your limit, and we fund you according to your financial creditworthiness.


We are the responsible direct lender in the UK, and we do not hesitate to suggest you compare home improvement loans. A comparative analysis can guide you to have the appropriate deal where nothing is surprising, and everything is cleared.

EasyLoansUK vouches for providing you with tailor-made loan deals that can match the expenses of your home improvement projects. You receive a no-obligation quote and apply through a paperless online application.

Home Improvement Loans – Nationwide

This is a prominent deal from a renowned financial institution. You can have better deals but with a few regulations to follow.

Home Improvement Loans – Santander

It is another financial institution known for its customised home repairing loans. Qualify the eligibility criteria, and you can apply.

Home Improvement Loans - Halifax

When it comes to reliable loan deals, you cannot leave out the name of Halifax. Personalised deals are available with specific conditions.

Home Improvement Loans – EasyLoansUK

Getting loans from new-age lending and with 100% online process has its significance. Our affordable deals can match the top institutions.


Approaching us as your direct lender gives you another benefit of applying for home improvement loans for bad credit. Yes, our loans are beyond your past credit but based on your current credit performance. Whether your credit score is poor or very poor, you are our pre-qualified borrower and eligible to obtain every loan benefit for your home improvement project.

If not the credit score, we approve your loan application on the following grounds:-

Your Current Income
Your Current Income
  • Keep earning while applying
  • Approval on part-time too
  • Automatic deduction option on every salary day
Recent Payments
Recent Payments
  • Pay all current utility bills on time
  • All credit card bills should be on time
  • No debt pending against your name
Collateral Value
Collateral Value
  • Applicable on secured home improvement loan
  • Borrow on your asset value
  • Obtain large funding despite poor credit
Guarantor’s Capacity
Guarantor’s Capacity
  • Guarantor should have a good credit score
  • He/she must be earning a full-time income
  • On-time payments either by you or guarantor improve credit scores of both.

When your financial condition is tight but an urgent home repair is visible, getting the cheapest home improvement loans is indeed on top of your wish list. EasyLoansUK fulfils your wish by adding more favourable features. Therefore, come online, fill and submit a single page form, and get the same day approval. Apply now…

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