Christmas Loans

Do not let the financial problems negatively impact your Christmas celebrations. Prepare for the most memorable holiday of the year with Christmas Loans at EasyLoansUK. It should remain a memorable evening regardless of the economic hardships from the difficult times.

Celebrate the Biggest Holiday Without the Financial Concerns

Christmas is the time of the year when miracles become a reality. People exchange gifts and spend quality time with their loved ones in a decorated home. However, there is no end to the financial troubles that can ruin the whole week for everyone.

You can either cut items from the shopping list to somehow experience Christmas on a limited budget. Or, you can take financial help from EasyLoansUK with a Christmas loan for bad credit. It is simple, affordable, and fast to make sure there is enough time for the preparations.

The loan comes with reasonable interest rates and easy instalments to make the repayment affordable. However, your current income and debt will impact the chances of approval. You can afford the loan with smart money management if our representatives approve your application based on your profile.

Christmas Loans
  • Instant Loan Approval
  • Affordable Interest Rates
  • No Hard Credit Check
  • Simple and Fast Application Process

Why Should I take a Christmas Loan for Poor Credit?

The most obvious reason to take a Christmas loan in the UK is to celebrate the holiday. However, there are many subcategories of expenses in your holiday budget.

Following are the significant reasons where Christmas loans are useful for the borrowers –

Christmas Loan for Poor Credit

Christmas Party

An annual Christmas party is a tradition that should remain forever to enjoy the holiday and relieve stress. You can use the loan amount to organise a fantastic party to create some unforgettable moments with your family and friends.

Holiday Shopping

A family has a long list of decorative items, food, clothes and many more products for the festival. If the budget is tight, you can use the Christmas payday loans to cross every item from the list.


Unboxing gifts is arguably the immense joy of the next morning to Christmas. The family members, especially the kids, will get their favourite gift for the priceless smile on their face.

Home Renovation

Christmas is the perfect time to make a few changes to the décor of your home. You can use the loan amount for home renovation, decoration, and new addition to the electrical appliances.

What is the Process to Get Christmas Loans for Bad Credit in the UK?

The online application process has eliminated the requirement for customers to visit the physical branch, unlike the credit union Christmas loans. You need to fill the application form on our website with the required information. The document submission and verification will also take place through an electronic verification system

Once the application is submitted, our representative will verify the details and check the affordability of the loan amount. We may offer a loan of a smaller amount based on the assessment. Then, we will send the approval through the mail, and the fund disbursement will take place within 24 hours.

  • Fill the online application form
  • Upload the documents
  • Wait for approval
  • Get fund disbursement in your bank
Christmas Loans for Bad Credit in the UK

When is the Right Time to Take Christmas Loans for Bad Credit?

There is no precise answer for a timeline to get a loan and start your preparation. It takes a week in general for shopping and decoration of the home. For Christmas parties, you need at least 2 days for buying the items in the holiday rush.

Many people plan to renovate their house during the holidays. The amount of work will determine the expected days it will take to complete. Therefore, you should take it as early as possible to avoid last-minute shopping and uncompleted renovation work.

What Are the Benefits of Christmas Loans for Poor Credit Check?

Christmas loans from EasyLoansUK come with many benefits that include fast processing and flexible repayment. It is the ideal alternative for banks that are overwhelmed with requests during the holiday season. Moreover, we are not as picky as banks while approving the loan of people in distress.

  • Fast Processing-Your loan application and fund disbursement will not take more than 24 hours with the advance lending solutions.

  • Flexible Repayment-Borrowers can select the repayment schedule with the guaranteed Christmas loans to ease the stress.

  • Reasonable Interest Rates-We will decide manageable interest rates for your current financial condition.

  • Personalised Solutions-Unlike banks, we don’t have strict policies and terms for borrowers as the requirements change and their repayment ability.

Should I Apply for Christmas Loans with Bad Credit?

Your bad credit will impact the application if you can afford the repayment. However, a good credit profile with a history of timely repayment will help you get better interest rates. We will check the credit history with a soft enquiry to get the required information.

Unlike the hard credit check, the soft enquiry will not leave trails on your credit history. No lenders will find the application at our website to find you desperate for funds with endless loan applications. Thus, the Christmas loan with no credit check will get approval with a poor repayment history as long as the current debt situation is under control.

  • Loans available for bad credit
  • No guarantor or security required
  • Soft enquiry to avoid trails

Will I Get Loans for Christmas Without a Regular Job?

A regular job with a good income to debt ratio makes a loan less risky for the lender. However, this doesn’t mean the other population should not get the financial support to celebrate the holiday. We offer Christmas loans to people without a regular job if they can afford the repayment.

You will find loans for the unemployed at EasyLoansUK on the occasion of Christmas if they have an alternate source of income. A part-time job, freelancing career, and internship will work if the income can manage the instalments. Moreover, the business owners are also eligible if their profit is enough for the repayment.

We also offer Christmas loans for people on benefits and pension. Therefore, the absence of a regular job is not a matter of concern. You can explain the repayment plan to our representative to get the approval courtesy of our flexible norms.

We also offer Christmas loans for people on benefits and pension. Therefore, the absence of a regular job is not a matter of concern. You can explain the repayment plan to our representative to get the approval courtesy of our flexible norms.

  • Fulltime employees
  • Business owners
  • Freelancers
  • Parttime employees or interns
  • People on benefits and pensioners

How EasyLoanUK is the Right Lender to Get Christmas Loans for Poor Credit?

EasyLoanUK provides a practical solution to the borrowers for their requirements with Christmas loans for poor credit. We serve our customers to support them during their financial struggle without creating unnecessary stress of repayment. Therefore, the focus remains on providing unparalleled customer service with loans available for different credit profiles and professional backgrounds.

Customer Experience
Customer Experience
  • Instant Approval
  • No Hidden Charges
  • 24*7 Customer Support
Flexible Repayment
Flexible Repayment
  • Term Extension Available
  • Schedule of Your Choice
  • Repayment Holidays
Safe and Reliable
Safe and Reliable
  • Online Application Process
  • Under FCA Guidelines
  • No Sharing of Personal Information
High Approval Rate
High Approval Rate
  • Simple Eligibility
  • No Hard Credit Check
  • Loans for Unemployed

What are the Other Options to Get Financial Support during Christmas?

Christmas loans are the ideal financial help for holiday expenses. However, many people find some aspects of the loan not suited for their requirements. Following are some alternative options available at EasyLoansUK to help the borrowers get the best solution for their financial problems –

Small Term Loans Loan amount with a repayment period of up to 12 months
Doorstep Loans To get cash delivered to your doorstep with weekly, biweekly, or monthly repayment
Payday Loans Small loan amount to repay the next payday.
Business Loans Loans for business to start, operate or grow with a repayment period of up to 60 months.

It is recommended to start early with the shopping as the prices will hit the roof in the holiday rush. You don’t have to wait for the office to open or Monday to arrive for the loan application. Click on the Apply Now button to get the required fund to celebrate the holiday during the tough times.


How do I get a Christmas loan?

Christmas loan is of short tenure and by doing a few formalities you can get the funds easily. Online lending makes things easier.

Here are the 3 requirements to qualify for the loan.

  • A good current income status as well as the income-outgoing ratio of 60:40.
  • Good credit score status. In case of poor rating, bad payment history should not be consistent.
  • Latest statement of the bank account you are using currently.

If you perform perfect on the above three aspects you can get a Christmas loan without any stress and hassle.

Can I get a Christmas loan with a credit score of 550?

0-560 comes under very poor credit situation and the online lending market has not an abundance of loan offers to serve. Only a few loan companies provide funds to the worst credit scorers.

Easyloansuk offers Christmas loan despite very poor score but you need following situations for that.

  • Repayment capacity should be strong enough to afford the loan.
  • You can back your application with a guarantor as it improves your chances of approval.

The interest rates on loans are usually high but with the help of customisation, the loan obligation becomes manageable.

Celebrate this Christmas without Any Financial Tussle

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