Christmas Loans

Let of go any financial crunch ahead of this festival by grabbing guaranteed Christmas loans at pocket-friendly rates of 3.99%. Take out these loans and get ready to welcome the festivity with your whole heart and have the best time with your near and dear ones.

Christmas Loans to Share your Financial Burden during Festivity

It is this time of the year when holy celebrations take place. Everyone wants to be unworried during this eve. But what if you experience a difficult financial situation? Christmas loans offered by EasyLoansUK as direct lender scan save your day.

We understand how demoralising it could be to have a strained wallet despite working with a stringent budget throughout the year. Thus, we will make sure you have a relaxing time from now onwards. You will be delighted to know that we also specialise in offering bad credit Christmas loans.

Our services are quite outgoing and let you leverage them in many different ways. Some of the prominent offerings from our end are:

  • Bespoke loan offers
  • Relaxation for bad credit issues
  • Cut-throat pricing
  • Swift approval and transfer of loans
  • Easy interface for application

All loans are subject to affordability. For this reason, we don’t show unnecessary concern for perfect credit scores. We are happy to assist you with improving your credit scores also.

Christmas Loans

What are Loans for Christmas?

These loans should be defined as friendly financial support extended prior to Christmas. When you get financial assistance on a quick basis as Christmas loans, you can bid adieu to any cash-related anxiety. You do not need to give up all the pre-Christmas preparation due to limited finances.

For a quick rundown on what borrowing these loans will look exactly like, please check the below table.

Parameters Limits
Loan amount From £1000 to £10000
Repayment term From 12 to 60 months

This information should be enough to help you make plans for the amount you should take out with respect to when you can repay. The basis of your borrowing should be your capacity to repay. The given range signifies how smartly you can use our loans to handle tricky situations ahead of the festivities.

You can even avail of the facility of payday loans for Christmas if you wish to cover repayment with your next salary. It means our customised loan provision lets you borrow for any purpose. We want to make Christmas Eve delightful and joyous for you.

Get Emergency Christmas Loans Packed with Exclusive Features

The main idea behind getting these loans should be to complete the pre-preparations on time. Most importantly, Christmas loans for bad credit available from a direct lender like us facilitate you easy avail funds minus any apprehensions. It is indeed the best alternative to having a blissful Christmas celebration.

Salient features combined for loans available with us are:

Christmas Loan for Poor Credit

No restriction for bad credit tags

You can approach us for guaranteed approval of Christmas loans for bad credit. The name itself testifies to how we are liberal towards poor credit borrowers. We know you face these consequences due to adverse situations resulting in incomplete financial responsibilities. We want to offer you a way out of this trouble.

Request processed in no time

We intend to work in a swift mode. It makes sure to save time for us and our borrowers. We avoid complicacies, and thus we are able to process your request faster than other lenders. You can actually get your hands on loans after minimal waiting.

No shocking revelation

We operate as direct lenders. We don't impose any processing fees. We will never bother you with the sudden revelation of fees and charges. It's the festive season. We will feel great to make it extra special for you.

Adjustable repayment plan

It has already been disclosed how long the repayment term can be stretched. Such an arrangement ensures that we give importance to your convenience. You have the liberty to finalise the repayment schedule on your own.

How to Reap Benefits of Christmas Loans for Bad Credit?

We would really appreciate it if you could put that extra effort into validating ways to make the most out of these loans. At EasyLoansUK, we look forward to attending to all of your requirements. For this reason, you will get an opportunity to enjoy a bunch of perks when you apply with us for Christmas loans.

Sneak into what we have in store for our borrowers:

  • Relief from hard checks

    Loans for Christmas with no credit check sare one of the categories from our loan collections. It defines how we give preference to assessing your affordability over other aspects. We will just perform a soft search to examine if you can pay for loans. The chances of the decision going in your favour depends on how effectively you manage the current payments.

  • Restraint-free borrowing

    We have perceived how people are living life with different limitations. Thus, we thought of letting them achieve financial support in the form of Christmas loans for people on benefits.

Christmas Loans for Bad Credit in the UK
  • Additional repayment facility

    We don’t want to spoil your mood of celebration. Thus, we facilitate an additional buffer time of 18 days if you cannot make it to the actual schedule of repayment.

  • Easily comparable rates

    We believe you cannot discover a fair deal without comparison. For this reason, we have set up an online tool on our website to help you filter offers based on the price element. Don't worry. You will get access to it free!

Obtain Short-Term Christmas Loans to Finish Pending Tasks!

Christmas is meant to bring the happiest moment in your life, especially when you want to spend time with your family. Any financial hiccup would be enough to ruin the festive vibe.

Keep your joy intact by obtaining Christmas loans and settling your financial problem with ease. Check out the multiple ways you can use these loans.

  • Party arrangement

    Anticipating so much to arrange for the party but feeling worried about the budget constraint? Overcome this with our friendly loan options. Create the best party setup for your friends and family.

  • Sponsor your vacation

    Maybe, you want to utilise the holiday to explore a different place nearby. However, the sudden plan forces you to cringe for the money you don't hold anymore. You need not have to take stress as these loans can get you covered for this also.

  • Gift purchase

    Since it is Christmas Eve, you will have to buy beautiful gifts to give your close ones. Your list is too large for your budget. In that case, you can rely on these loans to arrange for the additional cash.

  • Renovation of home

    Your people will come to visit you at your place. So, your home should be ready for guests. It might call for a mini-renovation of some areas. Revamp your house with the help of this home improvement loans.

Are Christmas Loans Approved for Unemployed People?

Having doubt regarding loan approval with no stable source of income is quite common. We are happy to inform you that we have no problem approving unemployed loans if you are capable of showing any source of income. Things have been made easy for someone who earns through:

  • Rental income
  • Freelance gigs
  • Benefits
  • Pensions
  • Part-time income

Is it Wise to Get Christmas Loans on Benefits?

When it comes to unemployed individuals, the most vital concern is whether they get approval on their benefits or not. Mainstream lenders seem more stringent to their loan requests. It is where direct lenders like us come in front and agree on sanctioning Christmas loans on benefits.

Given below are some of the advantages you get with this option:-

  • We accept your benefits as the way to make repayments and thus almost guaranteed approval is there;
  • You will receive benefits on constant basis and there is almost nil chance of missing any repayment;
  • With regular payments from your benefits, your credit score will definitely improve;
  • Availing these on benefits loans is useful especially during the financial urgency as you will get funds;
  • As you are providing proofs of your unemployment benefits, lender may not ask for your previous employment proofs.

Note: Christmas loans on unemployed benefits will be for short-term funding only, provided on your current affordability.

How instant is the Application Process for Christmas Loans?

We know it is a festive time, and you have a lot of tasks to complete. In this scenario, we need you to finish a few very basic steps without paying a visit to the bank branch. These are:

1. Get the online form

Open the online application form that is readily available on our website.

2. Enter details

Flip through it and put in details. Don’t keep any field empty!

3. Cross check

Review whatever you have entered. Make sure you have produced the exact information. Rectify at once if any mistake is done.

4. Click on submit

After the application is complete, you should submit it right away.

What makes EasyLoansUK an ideal Lender for me?

Our way of working will not match with traditional lenders. It is because we even offer same-day Christmas loans. There are other reasons also to convince you about our services:

  • 24*7 Customer assistance promise
  • Access through a safe platform
  • Transparency in fee structure
  • High acceptance rate
  • On-the-spot money receipt assurance


How do I know if I am eligible for loans for Christmas?

For this, you need to check if:

  • You are 18 years or above
  • You have access to a checking account
  • You are a permanent UK resident
  • You earn money through reliable source
Do I have to face any consequences after pre-paying loans?

No, pre-payment is good for your financial profile. It will remove loans from your life ahead of time. Moreover, you will not be charged any extra fees if you repay loans before their schedule.

Am I going to have the same experience as traditional lending?

No, it will be a totally different experience as you can apply for loans from your home. Besides, you can obtain approved loans online in your checking account. It means you don't have to walk up to the bank to collect loans.

What will be the pattern for repayment?

The repayment term is spread over a period. You need not have to pay back the money at one time and in full. You can make repayment as:

  • Weekly
  • Monthly patterns
Is it necessary for me to provide collateral?

Borrowing is possible in a collateral-free manner. It means you don’t have to obtain loans by giving up your possession of costly assets.

Celebrate this Christmas without Any Financial Tussle

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