What Are the Substitutes of Guarantor Loan – Any Guesses?

A guarantor loan is basically to get a loan by backing yourself with a person who is having a good credit score. Guarantor loan comes with humongous benefits for those who are in bad credit. While it comes with several benefits, it also holds some drawbacks. Here, you might need to manage in low amount loan or the premium may get higher and many more. If you want to have the best options, you might choose some other alternative like personal loan, payday loan, and others.

Also, you need to decide which one can be the best according to your current situation. Here, a wise and critical approach will sure work the path.  In this article, you will get to know the other options than guarantor loan which can suit your needs and requirements.

  1. Personal loan

You can choose a personal loan as it comes with various benefits and perks. While it requires less documentation during the process, you can enjoy the inexpensive and less premium. If you are borrowing money for a specific time, this also provides you flexibility during repayment. Hence choosing the personal loan over the guarantor loan can be a proven plus for you.

  1. No Guarantor Loan

It is one of the popular loan options in the UK. A no guarantor loan is a loan where you do not need any guarantor to back you. In this type of loan, you require less documentation, and even it comes with an easy and quick process. When it comes to interest, well, you get the competitive rates on interest. This might be a great deal.

  1. Secured credit

It is an excellent option over a guarantor loan. It is a collateral loan where you need to provide your property in the form of gold, a house, or any other so that in return, the lender can offer you funds and cash. This type of loan is the safest one. There are several benefits also, such as low-interest rates, flexible repayment, and many more. You can look for authentic lenders with an authorized license to ensure their truthfulness.

  1. Overdraft

Overdrafts are the loans provided by the banks. It is offered to the candidates or customers who have reached balance zero in their respective accounts. Banks give additional loans certain interest charges that are usually decided to see the market’s current competitive interest rates. There are two types of overdrafts-one is arranged and the second is unarranged. The arrangement one comes with specific interest rates, but the bank’s interest in unarranged overdraft can be decided.

  1. Help from friends and loved ones

One of the flexible options is borrowing money from your friends and loved ones where there are chances that you can take the loan through a fair amount of interest rates. Also, the duration of repayment can be flexible, or even you can get it as per your requirements if you are enjoying solid relationships. Make sure you have the work done legally on papers to avoid future forgery. If there is any chance of such misunderstanding, it would be better to opt for small loan option like no guarantor loan.

  1. Unsecured loans

An unsecured loan is the loan type where lending institutions do not require any collateral in terms of safety. This kind of loan is best suited for running on a high salary from a well-known and reputed company or any other government company. This comes with benefits like low-interest rates, no guarantor loan, and many more.

  1. Homeowner loan

This is the type of loan where you need to provide the papers of your home as collateral to ensure the safety of their investment in you. This type of loan also comes with great benefits such as low-interest rates and reasonable payment options, but there might not be an option for flexible repayment.

  1. Payday loan

This type of loan is usually provided to candidates running with a bad credit history or severe money problem. It is a short-term loan that requires that candidates should repay within a week or 15 days. It is one of the best options and comes with greater benefits such as less interest in current payment, no extensive and lengthy documentation, your type of amount, and many more. Nowadays, online lenders work as lending help for people who have bad credit history and poor financial conditions.

  1. Advanced salary

There are many banks and lending institution which provide advanced salary loan to customers. It is quite popular in the millennium as it comes with fewer interest rates and flexible repayment options. In case you want an advanced salary loan, you require having a fixed job in a reputed company. Also, many companies provide this loan, ensuring quick procedures and sometimes within a click.

  1. Budgeting loan 

This type of loan is provided to customers with low income to help them with their monthly or yearly budget. It comes with several benefits, such as low interest or zero interest rates. The repayment duration may be strict to them. The lending institutions also provide this type of loan to limited people and come for a limited time.


Nowadays, There are a lot of options for loans when it comes to leveraging customers. It is essential that customers thoroughly analyze the policies and their terms and conditions to make the best of them. Make sure you are updated with all the referendums that government passes for the financial and loan sector to get the best benefits