Popular blog categories that help digital marketers bring more traffic
Ashley Corn November 5, 2021

Digital marketing in itself is a big challenge because you have to please the clients with measurable and stable results. We usually miss talking about blogs when we talk about digital marketing, and more focus goes on the social media aspect.

Today, let us break the monotony of discussion and discuss the blogs and their popular categories that can help bring more traffic. It is a beneficial factor for the digital marketing companies that constantly struggle to get more traffic for their clients.

Your category or niche is your power

Yes, that is absolutely true. Your niche decides your power because you can win the market if that falls under the popular blog categories. Here is the list of the popular blog categories that can ease the tasks of digital marketers.

Fashion blog

Humans are fond of fashion by nature, and they always want to look good. It should not be an exaggeration to say that some people live for fashion. Their passion for clothes, style, brands etc., is their biggest inspiration to live and survive.

Fashion blogs are always popular if you put the right content and target relatable people. If the product or service of the client of a digital marketer relates to fashion in any way, it is a good thing for them. Even following the famous blog names can help make a real difference in website traffic.

Travel blog

Of course, we have no second thought on it because just like fashion, humans love travelling. It is in human nature to explore places and travelling is the best excuse for that. If you want your client to flourish in the market, then travel blogs are great.

Here you need to understand one thing. Your client doesn't need to always relate to this category. He may have the business in some other field, but you can relate it to travel. For example, if your client is a lender of easy loans in the UK, you can relate those loans to holiday loans. Write blogs on travel and insert holiday loan keywords, and you can attract a considerable lot of traffic.

Health blog

Oh, this is the most common topic of human civilisation nowadays after the pandemic. We have seen horrifying scenes of people struggling with virus monsters and have spent restless nights. People are super conscious now about their health, and they want to know more about various things. Health is the biggest asset and most future investment today.

People all across the planet have accepted this fact and have so much to expect from the blogs they read. It is not possible to go for expensive doctor consultations every time. Blogs can be a good source of information for the rich and poor equally and can help ensure health.

Digital marketing should have the capacity to work on their health industry clients and provide the best content in blogs. Profession advice personal experience is essential for the readers. They can relate to such blog content easily. There is so much to spread in the name of knowledge. You can do a lot for your clients and can bring traffic for the well-being of their business.

Cooking blogs

Cooking and eating are two favourite things for us all, and we spend millions and billions every year in restaurants etc., to eat yummy food. We throw parties for our taste buds, and that directly affects our mood and perception of life. Haven't we all heard about people who love cooking more than their life? It is incredibly versatile, and you can start from regional to international recipes.

Cooking is also considered a great therapy for people with depression. They feel relaxed when they cook. Besides, the globalised culture is desperate to taste the spices of other countries. You also have a favourite culinary category such as Italian, Japanese, and Lebanese etc. In fact, for centuries, food has gotten the credit for its capability of bringing even the competitors and enemies to one table. Then how big can be the task of bringing traffic on a website through a cooking blog? Just put some of your best writers on this task and make the client happy.

DIY blogs

Whether it is the urge to spend less to save more or to repurpose the available household things, DIY (Do it Yourself) ideas are quite popular. No matter whether you teach how to make furniture from old car wheels or explain how to make lamps from old bottles, DIY are always popular.

In most of the cases, people react positively to the picture, content related to varied skills. The DIY projects give the people a feeling of self-dependency, and they are super excited about the ideas. You can use this zeal of the target market to sell the products of the client. A multipurpose kitchen basket of steel or aluminium that also works as steel is a good thing.


Digital marketing demands multiple skills, from social media marketing to blog writing. The latter has its unique place because the readers can get detailed knowledge about a subject in a blog. Blogs paired with infographics can make a great combination. Nowadays, we also listen to video blogs. It has two meanings, 1. Is video in a blog, and 2. A video as a blog.  You can try both as a digital marketing company because both are already working great for the clients.