low cost loans
Ashley Corn September 8, 2022

Low Cost Loans: How to Find the One?

Low cost loans, as the name suggests, are those available at low-interest rates. Some define them as a way of borrowing money to be repaid over a set period of time in fixed instalments, as opposed to those repaid in a lump sum. A low-interest rate loan is typically determined by the annual percentage rate …

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financing furniture
Ashley Corn September 3, 2022

Mistakes You Should Avoid While Financing Furniture

To adorn your house, you will need ravishing furniture. When you come back home after going through a hectic day – a tedious job, getting complaints from your seniors, argument with a colleague over a trivial matter, facing a long tail of traffic – you finally seem relaxed after slumping yourself into the soft cushiony …

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personal finance for poor credit
Ashley Corn September 2, 2022

How to Get Personal Finance for Poor Credit?

Everything has been going on smoothly. You managed quite well to meet all of your daily expenses without falling behind on payments, setting aside an emergency cushion, and having some money left for recreation activities. Unless everything is back to normal, you will certainly have to hinge on personal finance for poor credit. It seems …

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bridging finance
Ashley Corn August 27, 2022

How does Bridging Finance help Urgent Property Purchase?

Traditionally bridging Finance is a short-term loan that one often takes for a period of 2 weeks to 3 years. It is commonly known as bridging finance and has other names, too- Caveat and swing loan. These loans help in bridging the payment gap. For example, real estate owners and business people take it to buy a …

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financial well-being
Ashley Corn August 25, 2022

How to Ensure Financial Well-being with Credit Card Usage?

Internet talks in length about managing credit card payments responsibly, paying the bills timely, borrowing only the sum you can afford to pay by the month’s end, keeping the balance below the credit limit, etc. Most individuals master the basics. What next?(financial well-being) Are there any more sophisticated ways to use credit cards? Yes, it …

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financial challenges
Ashley Corn August 19, 2022

Why are Brits Failing to Face Financial Challenges?

The rising cost of living is dreading Brits now as one in eight UK households does not have a way for further cuts. More than one-fourth of households earn less than £20,000 and worry that they will be unable to cope with increasing bills. In case emergencies arise, it takes a further toll on their …

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