Guaranteed Car Finance

Guaranteed Car Finance for People with Bad Credit

Are you struggling, when it comes to arranging suitable car finance?  If you are having a history of bad credit and you want to buy a car of your own, then you can straightaway opt for guaranteed car finance options. The funds being offered are designed to suit your prevailing conditions and can be used to procure a new car as well as used car.  Regardless of the credit history and financial background, you are capable of deriving the funds and that too with assured approval. At the end of the day, the easy availability of the funds ensures that you do have a chance to buy a car of your choice and that too with least complicacies.

Fast Guaranteed Car Loans on Instant Approval

To qualify for the car finance, there are certain norms that must be complied with. In this regard –

  • You must be residing in the UK as a permanent citizen
  • Proof of residence
  • Employment status along with bank account details
  • Age should be over 18 years

The actual funding made available is something that is based altogether on your existing condition. However in most cases, you will end up securing 80-90% of the total finance. The rest you will have to arrange on your own, which must be deposited as down payment. While the interest rate charged appear to be on the higher side, a brief and comprehensive research will further help you secure the loans at convenient terms.

No Credit Check Guaranteed Car Finance Easily Available in the UK

In order to secure the most amazing deals on these guaranteed car loans and that too at convenient terms, you can prefer to apply online. Online application of the loans generally saves a great deal of time and provides access to a large number of lenders. In fact to avail the loans, all you are required to do is to fill the details in the online form. It does ensure instant approval and further enable you to access the best possible deals.

With guaranteed loan approval, it does seem to be a viable medium for people with bad credit, who really want to own a car of their choice. In fact when they ensure to payback the amount sourced within the specified time period, it does help to improve the credit rating.