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Live a productive financial life where you are not trapped with any concern about your very bad credit. Apply here and get a chance of securing not only the desired funds but also your CREDIT SCORE. Let start applying for the bad credit loans without guarantor and no broker.

Representative Example: Representative Example: If you borrow £7,000 for 12 months term you will repay £698.35 per month.

Amount : £7,000 for 12 months Monthly Repayement Amount -: £698.35 Interest Rate P.A : 34.6% (fixed)
Total Interest Repayable : £1,380.15 Total Amount Repayable : £8,380.12 Representative APR : 34.6%

Warning : Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to

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Bad Credit History is the record of borrower's failure in repaying the debt on time. The credit history encompasses the failure in repaying the credit card payments, home improvement loans, personal loan, overdraft and any other loan availed from registered direct lenders. Most of the regular banks and financial agencies consider poor credit history or score quite seriously, and don't take the risk in lending to a poor credit rank holder. Therefore, the loan applications of such borrowers are turned down immediately. Don't worry. Easy Loans-UK offers an extensive range of very bad credit loans no guarantor no broker to let you shape your plans.


We offer bad credit loans and that too, without any guarantor. Our qualified loan advisers add hope, value and trust. The philosophy guides us to serve the large numbers of people with no guarantor and poor credit history for whom main street banks have turned off the doors. The reasons for not having a good credit score may not be personal; sometimes, circumstances also dent the credit score.
Understanding this reality has been the inspiring motivation for us to plan a range of bad credit loans for no guarantor and poor credit people under the following categories:

  • Guaranteed Loans Approval for Bad Credit People
  • Bad Credit without Guarantor
  • Instant Payday Loans With Bad Credit
  • Bad Credit Loans Instant Decision no brokers
  • Bad Credit Loans for Unemployed


The repayment period may be stretched even up to 12 months. The Long Term Loans for bad credit and instalment loans for bad credit from direct lender only allow you to improve your financial conditions over the period. We are the leading direct lending company in the UK, and each of our Bad Credit Loans proposals gives borrowers the benefits that are worthy of benefits.

  • No Upfront Fees
  • No Early Repayment Penalty
  • No Hidden Charges
  • No Paper Work
  • Quick Process
  • Flexibility
  • 100% Customized
  • Hassle-Free
  • No Need Of Broker

Bad Credit Loans from Direct Lender to Turn the Bad Times into Good

Direct lending is a speedy option to borrow funds, and when it comes to the applicants with poor credit situation, it is a saviour with its advanced approach. The rational policy to approve loans on repaying capacity and not on credit score performance gives a fair chance to all. With the right mix of stable current income status and improved recent financial behaviour, attainment of funds is not impossible.

We add to your convenience through several additional features on bad credit loans

  • Predict the loan cost through the advanced loan calculator
  • Adjust repayment plans during the tenure without charge
  • No upfront fee and no early repayment penalty

Due to the above features, the loans are flexible beyond expectation. They are available to the people with the worst credit rating. The presence of very bad credit loans with no guarantor by direct lender all across the UK proves it. We have these loans if you need, come to us with a payback capacity, and you can expect a pragmatic solution from our side.

Fact sheet on bad credit loans –

  • A credit check is necessary, but we make it simpler through a soft check to prevent search footprint.
  • Interest rates are high as compared to what is offered on a good credit score. Customisation helps bring down the cost.
  • Consistent poor credit situation may create complications. Repeated missed payments are taken as irresponsible financial behaviour.
  • Keep the recent financial behaviour flawless. The approval decision depends a lot on how much you have improved in personal finances.

Bad Credit Loans with No Credit Check – Which Is Actually a Soft Credit Check

Most of the applicants with bad credit score come to us with the fear for a credit check. They express the desire to get bad credit loans with no guarantor with no credit check. EasyLoansUK has a very rational response to this need in the version of a soft credit check. It is the lighter version and alternative to hard credit check.

We favour reasonable lending practices and have no inclination for ‘no credit check’. But we also serve the concerns of our customers with a soft search. It allows the borrowers to obtain funds without any search footprint.

Soft credit check Hard credit check
When a finance company performs credit score perusal to pre-approve a loan, it is known as a soft credit check. It does not leave any search footprint on your financial records. When you check your own score, that is also a soft check. When a finance company performs hard pull while processing your application, it is called a hard credit check. It leaves a visible effect on a credit report, and a repeated number of hard credit check causes a drop in the credit score.

We Value Your Time through Bad Credit Loans on INSTANT DECISION

We understand the urgency to obtain funds and offer loans for bad credit with no guarantor and no fees on instant decision. Our borrowers should be able to exploit all the benefits of next-generation online lending that has started growing faster now. The fund disbursal may take a minimum of 24 hours due to a series of formalities such as online verification, detailed affordability check etc.

To follow the highest principles of direct lending, we follow the culture of speed with caution. It means, the borrowers from all across the UK, can apply to us for funds. We offer fast approval decision and fund disbursement but after spending a due time on the formalities and procedure. 

EasyLoansUK is unshakable in its commitment to provide uncompromised financial solutions to poor credit people. Through timely payments, we want our borrowers to grow better in credit score performance and personal finances. For this purpose, we keep the loan policies simple and help borrowers fulfil their financial concerns conveniently.


Yes, you can get the loan approval even with very poor credit history. But the lender may charge high-interest rate as compared to a person with a less-than-stellar credit score. If you want to reduce the APR, follow the below mentioned ways:

Small amount: The best way to get approval is to ask for small amount that you need at most.

Guarantor: It is one of the easiest ways to get large amount with adverse credit score. Find a person to take your responsibility of paying the whole amount in case of default.

Collateral: You can use your asset too to reduce the APR.

If you are applying for bad credit loans, then you should know that it is a short term loan for those who are struggling to get any funds. Thus, the maximum repayment term of the loan can be extended up to 12 months as per the borrower convenience.

If you are applying at EasyLoans, then you can get guaranteed approval bad credit loans. The lending team will go through your financial records such as your income, employment history and others. Depending on these factors, the interest rate and the amount will be decided.

Applying for the loans can be done through both traditional and modern lending firms. But when it comes to bad credit, the online lenders like EasyLoans suit more to the borrowers’ aspirations. They have flexible lending policies that include competitive APRs, flexible repayments and no credit check.
You can approach the lender for the instant loan approval too.