Having a bad credit score is not the end for you. We understand that poor credit history can happen to anyone. EasyLoansUK brings a series of bad credit loan deals that takes you towards the journey from low credit to high approval chances.


Had the conventional lenders denied your loan application earlier? Is your credit score still on the blemished line? The possibility is there to get very bad credit loans from EasyLoansUK.

We have been providing these loans for the last few years, and our borrowers appreciate us. The primary reason is that we provide only affordable loan solutions to everyone.

We offer bad credit loans as second chance loans because you deserve another opening to get the desired borrowing. We have a qualified team that works hard to offer you a suitable personal loan deal, which consists of the following benefits:-

  • Instant Loan Approval
  • Competitive Loan Rates
  • Higher Approval Chances
  • Flexible terms with affordable monthly instalments
  • 5-Minute Online Application Process
Bad Credit Loans


Borrowers dealing with a bumpy credit score are usually offered very bad credit loans. They may have a poor credit score due to either limited credit history or past financial troubles.

These borrowers are usually interpreted as high-risk borrowers and hence may find it difficult to access loans. In such situations, loans for very bad credit come into the picture.

Apart from these reasons, some borrowers avail of these loans to build their patchy credit history by displaying responsible debt management.

Loans for very bad credit work like any other loan, i.e. borrowing and timely repayment. Usually, these loans have higher interest rates than other loans. If there is a repayment default for the loan, it can further damage the credit score.

However, if you adhere to all the terms and conditions on time, these loans can prove to be beneficial for the borrower in the long run.

EasyLoansUK firmly believes that nobody should be excluded from receiving financial because of their less than perfect credit history. We understand the needs of our borrowers and work on getting them the right deal that matches their very bad credit scores.


Very bad credit loans or bad credit loans are available in different forms. As per your current financial situation, make sure to choose the right option for you.

  • Personal loan

    Some personal loans are available for people with less than perfect credit score histories. Most of the time, personal loans are unsecured and have higher interest rates than they are without any collateral.

    To avail of these loans, you have to meet the other eligibility criteria as well, such as a steady, reliable income, affordability and timely repayment. Since personal loans are not secured, the APR is dependent more on the credit history and affordability.

  • CCJ Loans

    CCJ loans are a good option if you have bad credit along with CCJ. We do understand the problem with CCJ’s and hence offer suitable loan deals as per your profile. In fact, if you repay your CCJ loan on time, it may help in improving your credit score.

  • No Guarantor loans

    No guarantor loans are a popular form opted for by borrowers despite their bad credit history. You can avail of such loan if you do not have a family member or a financially stable friend who has a good credit score.

    They can be a guarantor for your loan but their financial circumstances are not allowing taking your guarantee. The lender will judge your repayment capacity and allow an affordable loan only

  • Debt consolidation loans

    You can easily pay off all your debts and simplify the repayments. These loans bear a single level of interest instead of maintaining multiple rates on different debts. Debt consolidation loans can be divided into two categories- secured and unsecured in nature.

  • No credit check loans

    A no credit check loan is possible with bad credit. If you have applied for a loan and we already have your credit history, there is no need to check again. You can apply for a no credit check loan with us. Credit checks give a picture of the past. We look towards the current circumstances of the borrower. Since credit check does not indicate your current status they can be misleading sometimes.

    Also, sometimes, the default and the bad credit score may be due to the external factors such as the fall of economy or any fraud. These factors should not stop you from getting your share of borrowing.

  • Payday loans

    Usually, Bad Credit Payday Loans range from £100 to £1000. If you are dealing with a bad credit score, this can be the right option for you. The interest rate charged is usually small and repayment can be done on the next pay date.

    For these loans, your bad credit history or score is not considered as a criterion. With our loan, you won’t face any money problems.


Bad credit loans are a saviour to those having poor credit. If you are dealing with the same situation, you can benefit from availing of these loans as they help you rebuild your credit history. Despite high-interest rates, bad credit loans still have several advantages.

  • Instant response

    Usually, bad credit loans are available online and are offered with a quick response. If there is a quick decision, the money is transferred into your bank account in 15 minutes.

  • Multipurpose loans

    Apart from gambling and illegal activities, these loans can be used for any purpose, such as debt consolidation, home repairs, car purchases etc. Ensure timely repayments on your loan, and you are good to go.

  • Repair your credit history

    If you are availing these loans for bad credit, they will help you rebuild your credit. Making regular payments on time and displaying responsible behaviour can positively impact your credit score. This will gradually improve your credit score.

  • Access to instant cash

    Because of your bumpy credit, if you are a victim of poor cash flow, you can avail of loans for bad credit and save yourself from a financial crisis. With this, you have instant access to cash. Once you receive the loan, you can quickly fulfil your essential expenditures such as bill payments, food and other daily expenses.

  • High chances of acceptance

    With poor credit, the options become limited. However, with our specialisation in bad credit loans, you stand high chances of approval. Compared to a mainstream one, you can easily avail bad credit loans and focus on improving your credit score.


At EasyLoansUK, we vouch for complete financial assistance in your favour. It encourages us to offer loans for bad credit with no guarantor. It is a huge relief for the people with low credit scores, as no one trusts their financial creditworthiness.

Find here the significant loan features that we bring with these loans:-


Acceptance on Received Benefits

Is no one agreeing to become your guarantor as you are unemployed and living on benefits? Do not worry because we offer you loans for bad credit with no guarantor and on benefits.

Better Chance of Credit Score Progress

When you do not have any guarantor to support your loan application, you make all the repayments on time in your capacity. It really helps you in bringing credit score improvement.

No Surprising Cost

With us, one thing is for sure that your wish of getting loans for bad credit with no guarantor with no fees from a direct lender. We charge only the interest rates that are mentioned in the initial loan quote.

No Prepayment Penalty

If you want to make early repayment of the pending instalments, you are welcome to do so. We do not charge extra on your prepayment rather encourage you to prepay if you have the money.



The loan procedure has multiple elements that borrowers have to deal with. One of them is a credit check. Yes, every lender performs this as a mandatory process. However, some do a hard credit check, while some lenders prefer a soft credit check.

We belong to the new-age lending and help our prospective borrowers with bad credit loans with no guarantor and no credit check. We do not check the credit score while analysing the loan application of our borrowers. Instead, we approve a loan for them on the followed basis:-

  • Your current income capacity
  • Your recent financial performance in making all payments on time
  • Your collateral’s value if applied for secured bad credit loans

The facility of no credit check is also applicable for those applying for loans for the first time. They can obtain funds and, at the same time, build a positive credit record.

BAD CREDIT LOANS with No Credit Check


Like the people with bad credit, those with very poor credit scores also wish to have boundary-less borrowing. We cannot say anything about others, but you will be thrilled to know that we among the very bad credit loans direct lenders in the UK.

As a responsible online lender, we understand that people with adverse credit ratings often find themselves in trouble getting financial assistance. Modern-age lending has something relieving for them, and we are a part of it.

Your credit score does not create any obstacle in borrowing desired funds. In fact, it creates an opportunity to get funding and making a better credit record.

Here are the salient features of this loan deal:-

No third party to intervene: The most significant part of our financial assistance is that you do not need any third party to approach us. It means you can obtain very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker.

Improve Credit Score: Make the best use of our flexible repayment and improve your credit score. You can choose own repayment term and make all monthly instalments on time. Regular payments pave the way for enhancing credit record.

Acceptance on CCJ: Are you feeling the burden of having County Court Judgement against your name? Well, you should not too much worry about this as our really bad credit loans are also applicable for those with CCJ.

An important note: We do provide loans for bad credit and very bad credit but only affordable loan deals. The offer you get will be based on your current income capacity and ability to make all repayments


Considering your second chance, we are ready to back you in boosting your credit profile. Therefore, we have kept simple qualifying criteria to allow loans for people with bad credit from direct lender.

Please go through the guide below to be eligible for our secured and unsecured loans for bad credit.

Secured Loans for Bad Credit Unsecured Loans for Bad Credit
You should not have more than one bank default or CCJ against your name You should not bank default more than two times or any other lending institution
Not more than two small defaults against any company You should not have more than two unpaid payments of any lender or company
You should have a car or a home to pledge it as security You should be earning either full-time income or part-time income while applying.


You cannot get better than having an acceptance on bad credit loan with a straightforward procedure. We want that you borrow funds with no obstacles but with ample opportunities. These opportunities are for gaining necessary funds and stabilise your finances with a better credit record.

Form Submit Application
Submit Application
  • Fill a single page form
  • Put necessary personal details
  • Click on the submit button
Soft Credit Check
No/Soft Credit Check
  • We usually not check your credit score
  • If it is necessary, we do only a soft credit check.
  • 98.5% approval rates despite bad credit or no credit.
Loan Approval
Loan Approval
  • We take a quick look at your loan application
  • Analyse your personal details
  • Loan approval in a few minutes
Fund Transfer
Fund Transfer
  • We do money transfer within 15 minutes
  • Get the funds to your bank account
  • Use the money for your right financial purposes


When other lenders hesitate to claim guaranteed approval, we are determined to bring loans on assured approval. Therefore, we have our names into the most responsible installment loans for bad credit direct lenders only in the UK.

We do not put credit score, collateral or guarantor among the mandatory loan approval criteria. We are much focused on your current income status and repayment capacity. If you are good in this aspect, then we are ready to offer you affordable loans with multiple benefits such as:-

  • No Upfront Fees
  • No Early Repayment Penalty
  • No Hidden Charges
  • No Paper Work
  • Quick Process
  • Flexibility
  • 100% Customized
  • Hassle-Free
  • No Need Of Broker


Start Up Your Business

We fund your dream of having your own income. Apply now for our bad credit business loans and start your venture.

Expand Your Business

Do you want to expand your business wings? We support you in this and arrange specific funding for business expansion.

Purchase Equipment

Running a small business or a large one, you need to purchase equipment time to time. With our funding, you can easily purchase anything.

Fund Specific Project

Have you got a useful project for your business? Give a full commitment to this without worrying about adequate funding.

Do you want to fund your start-up business? Is no one supporting you due to your poor credit history? If yes, approach us as your financial ally because we have exclusive business loans for bad credit people. Show your business plan and earning capacity, and we are ready to fund your commercial needs. Besides, repayment terms also make it easier for you to complete the loan term easily.


Poor credit loans have become a trend in the UK marketplace. You may wonder why only we to approach for these loans. Well, we do not want to appreciate us when our borrowers have already appreciated our quick lending service.

The significant feature of our financial assistance (or, in fact, the major difference between other lenders and us) is same day loans for bad credit people.

You apply today, and you get approval as well as a fund transfer on the same day. Our 100% online procedure makes this possible that happens without documentation. Besides, you receive an initial no-obligation quote, and the features will remain exact throughout the loan term.

If we are EasyLoansUK, then we offer easy loans to UK people with bad credit. We are here to turn your fortune where your credit history does not dominate your recent credit record. Apply now by pursuing the following procedure.


Can I get a loan with very poor credit?

Yes, you can get the loan approval even with very poor credit history. But the lender may charge high-interest rate as compared to a person with a less-than-stellar credit score. If you want to reduce the APR, follow the below mentioned ways:

Small amount: The best way to get approval is to ask for small amount that you need at most.

Guarantor: It is one of the easiest ways to get large amount with adverse credit score. Find a person to take your responsibility of paying the whole amount in case of default.

Collateral: You can use your asset too to reduce the APR.

What is the maximum repayment term for bad credit loans?

If you are applying for bad credit loans, then you should know that it is a short term loan for those who are struggling to get any funds. Thus, the maximum repayment term of the loan can be extended up to 12 months as per the borrower convenience.

Applying for bad credit loans without a guarantor, what is the chance to get approval?

If you are applying at EasyLoans, then you can get guaranteed approval bad credit loans. The lending team will go through your financial records such as your income, employment history and others. Depending on these factors, the interest rate and the amount will be decided.

Which loan company is the best for bad credit?

Applying for the loans can be done through both traditional and modern lending firms. But when it comes to bad credit, the online lenders like EasyLoans suit more to the borrowers’ aspirations. They have flexible lending policies that include competitive APRs, flexible repayments and no credit check.

You can approach the lender for the instant loan approval too.

What is the easiest loan to get with bad credit?

You can easily apply for bad credit loans, as with bad credit, it becomes difficult to apply for any other loan. Once you improve your credit score, you can easily apply for other loans as you may fall within the eligibility criteria.

Can I get a loan if my credit score is 550?

With a credit score of 550, you can qualify for some financing options. Usually, borrowers with poor credit scores are statistically more likely to miss repayments; you may be offered a loan with a higher interest rate.

Before borrowing, ensure to display a sound repayment capacity to increase borrowing chances.

In the past, I have been declined for credit. Can I apply now?

Let Bygones be bygones. Currently, if you feel that you have an intact financial situation, you can apply for a loan with us. You do not have to wait for the right time. Make the time right by applying it tactfully.

Check with the previous reasons and try to resolve the previous issues. Once you have sorted them, you can apply with us for the proper financial support.

Will applying for a very bad credit loan affect my credit rating?

No, in fact, you can focus on rebuilding your credit score with these loans. If you make your repayments on time and adhere to all the terms and conditions, you can have an improved credit score followed by a secure financial future.

Does EasyLoansUK offer short-term or payday loans?

Yes, we offer different loan products and short term, and payday loans are our speciality too. The criteria for the loan approval may slightly vary from bad credit loans.

Some of the essential criteria for these loans may include steady income, affordability, repayment capacity etc. These terms may vary from borrower to borrower and may change from loan to loan.

How to get an emergency loan with bad credit?

Having a poor credit score is just one aspect of your entire financial picture. We do not take your credit score as your complete sustainability factor.

Before applying for emergency loans, first, ensure the sustainability to make timely repayments as a default can severely impact your credit file.

For your repayments, if you are not able to make even one payment on time, come to us in advance, and we shall find alternative arrangements to help you avoid this. We look at the overall picture and help you in whichever way is possible.

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