About Us

About EasyLoansUK

Are you searching for reliable lenders to get reasonably priced short-term loans? You can end your search now as EasyLoansUK, a direct lender, is at your disposal. We specialise in offering lending services throughout the UK.

We are a lending veteran and have dedicated ourselves to your service since the year 2015. Our company has combined a team of experts who aim to deliver solutions best suited to your requirements.

We have kept our services very versatile with respect to the varied nature of the financial difficulties you face. You can expect to get a loan when stuck between paydays and even when you are out of a job.

About US

Our borrowers are our primary concern. We are known for our unbiased approach as we like to serve people irrespective of their credit history and ability to provide collateral and guarantor.

  • Wait-free Approvals
  • Strategic lending proceedings
  • Round-the-clock assistance
  • Free loan quote
  • Bespoke prices
  • Problem centric solution

We will never encourage you to get a loan without a purpose. You can let us personalise a loan according to your needs. Being a borrower, you can totally avoid the stacks the paperwork while applying with us. We always try to be the support system for borrowers like you who are stressed financially.

Our lending pursuit

EasyLoansUK was created with a mission in mind. It is to become your financial companion. We are not here to do business. It is evident from the way we have been decoding the plights of a varied group of borrowers to date.

We have digitalised our services to offer a hassle-free experience to you. We are forever involved in the process of upgradation so that we can provide a top-notch offering to our borrowers.

Our core values

As a direct lender, we constantly strive to make loans easily accessible for you regardless of your limitations. We bother less about your credit rating and more about your financial suffering.

Our core values are.

  • Reliability
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Lending ethics
EasyLoansUK offers to you

Our objective

We focus on innovative approaches to relieve you from the stigma of financial strain. Our motto is to provide services that are:

  • Adaptable
  • Affordable
  • Approachable

We know our responsibility as a lender. We want to amplify our reach so as to become the financial companion of every struggling borrower.

Our foundation

We are a trustworthy lender in the UK. It is not something we claim for ourselves. Our previous and existing customers have become our voice now

We never leave any query received from any borrower unattended. We put in our best effort to dig out the ideal way out for you. All these have been possible because of our foundation of strengths that are our:

  • Honesty
  • Speediness
  • Respect for our borrowers

Our responsibilities

We could be the best match for someone who is looking for convenient ways to collect cash and bid adieu to financial troubles. We take our responsibility very seriously. You will find competitively priced loan options with us. It is our exclusive feature, and it has set us apart from traditional lenders.

Our area of expertise

It does not matter if you are going through the hardest financial phase as a bad credit borrower. We can customise a loan solution for you. We have been into lending for a long time, and thus, we have a clear overview of how to help borrowers in the best possible ways.

Easy to qualify and Apply

Check from our list of offerings:

  • Bad credit loans: You will no longer have to go through the pain of rejection due to bad credit tags. We will get you covered.
  • No guarantor loans: You can overcome the hesitation of asking others to support repayments with our customised loan solution.
  • Home improvement loans: In rarest of occasion when you cannot think of getting a loan for home repair due to cost, we can give many reasons to change your mind.
  • Christmas loans: Complete all your preparations for the Christmas celebrations without worrying about your empty pocket, which we can make full once you get started with us.

Our Vision

We want to continue providing a straightforward solution to the complicated financial problems of borrowers in the UK.