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Personal Loans

Easy Loans UK is the right place from where you can avail the personal loans on affordable terms. We have customised the loans to suit your existing

Long Term Loans

Our objective is to provide affordable alternative in the form of bad credit long term loans. These loans carry the lowest possible APR and funds

Installment Loans

Installment loans are worked out for the prospect of the individuals on less than perfect credit score, who require immediate funds with absolutely

Unemployed Loans

We will carry on bringing deals like unemployed loans for people with bad credit, which help them in borrowing cash and also in improving

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Hassle-Free Loan Experience

EasyLoans UK is an innovative online lending company dealing in diversified loans, which gives complete financial freedom to the bad credit history customers with no guarantor requirement. Our expertise in the loans segment allows us to approve your online loan applications in a few minutes. We are committed to fulfilling the financial requirements of our customers without any hassle.

You may have poor credit score or in poor financial condition due to unemployment, but you have the perfect and prompt funding access to remove any barriers in the way of a smooth life. No documentation and no upfront charges define our usefulness among the FinTech lenders of the UK.

Choose EasyLoans UK and get benefits of modern lending process.

Why Choose Us

Flexible Loans

Our loans are truly flexible, no matter how much you want to borrow – 500 pounds to 10,000 pounds. You can repay in a flexible schedule.

No Credit Check

Easy Loans UK is least concerned about the credit scores of our prospective borrowers. We instantly approve the online loan applications without doing any credit check.

No Brokers

We are direct lenders, so you can expect a completely transparent loan availing experience. There is no brokering fee or any kind of hidden charges.

Any Purpose Loan

We are eager to offer you guaranteed loans for any of your purposes i.e. marriage, parties, home renovation etc. No lending for any type of illegal activities.