Why is Easy Loans UK a Better Option?

  • We offer loans to people who may have had bad credit in the past.
  • Our soft check policy will not affect your score.
  • We’ll make your conditional decision in just minutes.
  • We disburse loans to tenants as well.

Amount of credit: £3,800 for 48 months at £155.05 per month. Total repayment of £7,442.61. Interest: £3,642.61. Interest rate: 38% pa (fixed). 45.3% APR Representative.Warning : Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk

Easy Loans for People on Benefits

Are you relying on benefits? Is it convoluted to get banks to sign off on your loan application? Easy Loans UK understands that people on benefits face several rejections whenever they apply for a loan.

Traditional lenders often hesitate to lend money to the people living on benefits, as interest rates are high and income is not stable. Not all lenders risk investing money in people who are, due to any reasons, dependent on benefits for their survival, in particular, when you have a bad credit history. Well, we understand that emergency can strike anytime regardless of your incomings. With easy loans, you can meet successfully your day-to-day operations and unexpected expenditure.

Easy Loans UK aims at giving you financial support and therefore as a responsible FinTech lender, we lend you what you can afford. When you apply for a loan, your reimbursement capacity will be determined by assessing your current income sources including all benefits that you receive from govt. We always try to make sure that you are left with enough money to pay your loan even after meeting your other expenses, which serves as a basis to determine the disbursal limit. With a good credit report, Easy Loans UK is ready to negotiate for the interest rates so that you can get the deal at the best possible rate.

At the time of application, you will submit the evidence of “income from benefits” such as a benefit book, letter from the benefits agency or bank statements.

Responsive & Satisfactory Personnel
Easy Loans UK were quick in providing the financial help when I was facing the toughest days of my life. The representatives here kept the understanding of my personal circumstances and helped me out efficiently.
– Andrew Watson
Easy To Use
The best part of Easy Loans UK, according to me, is the quick online lending service that they provide. I really like their immediate response to my query. Thanks a lot…
– David James
Impeccable Service
Excellent service…no hassle and just simple borrowing. I got money transferred to my bank account on the same day. Thanks Easy Loans UK.
– Michelle Gomes

Why Borrow Money from Easy Loans UK?

Quick Disbursal – APPLY NOW!*

While some direct lenders may have a clause of upfront and hidden fees, we offer invincible services with transparent policies. Clear all of your doubts and queries before you put in a loan application. When you apply for personal loans, even if you have a less-than-perfect credit report, loan will be disbursed on the same day. With no upfront fees, you will get the deal at the most competitive interest rates.

Why We Stand Out

A few lending institutions offer what you quote without considering your repayment capacity, but as a responsible lender, we give what you can afford so as to keep you from falling into a debt web. Easy Loans UK not only provides customer satisfaction but also develops customer loyalty, which serves you loans on easier terms and conditions without charging any hidden fees.

With 24×7 customer support, you can have all your queries resolved and know about the loan that you should apply for your particular need. We do not shy away from your feedback because it throws light on those areas that need to be amended to enhance customer experience. Your feedback is crucial to provide you with the better service in the long run.

Easy Application Process

Short term loans are generally available to finance your emergency needs. A long procedure is not worth following when you need money urgently, therefore we follow easy and short procedure. You do not need to visit us. Just go to our website, fill the application form and submit it to us. We will credit the amount within a few moments without a credit check. Remember, you can fill the loan application from anywhere at any time.

Flexible Loans

Easy Loans UK offers no guarantor loans, unemployed loans, instalment loans, poor credit loans and long term loans, and all of them are flexible. Since short term loans are generally applied when you have come up an unexpected expenditure, which can be either small or large. If you need £500 for any reason, why apply for a loan worth of £1000?

Flexible borrowings enable you to fill the amount that you need without bearing unnecessary burden of interest payments. Flexible loan option also allows you to borrow if you need money for a fixed number of days. For instance, if you need £400 for eight days unless you receive your next pay cheque, you quote eight days and pay your debt as you receive your salary.

No Commotion

We assure you that you will get guaranteed fund transfer to your account without any hurdle. You do not need to pay hidden and upfront fees. As you submit your application, loan will be disbursed within a couple of minutes.